Free Friday! Five Cool Free Royalty Free Images Just For You!

Friday, April 24, 2015

california palm trees

heart love
california palm treesbench

hollywood park
Happy Friday Everyone!
It's been a little chilly week in LA and kinda gloomy too.
But it's always sunny in my LA photographs and it will be summer soon! :)

I recently saw someone posted free images for bloggers can use.
I forgot who it was i'd love to credit that person. 
She inspired me to share my photos too. Thank you!

I've been taking so many pictures ever since I got my Nikon 1 J1, 2 years ago.
There are some pretty cool photos...I think! :)
And sadly they are just sleeping inside my computer.
I'd love to share and let them shine all over the world, if anyone wants to use it in a good way! <3

Pictures are 1000px wide. I put filters on some images. So it can look cooler. :)
You can click on the image and right click and save the image on your computer.
It would be awesome if you credit me (example: image source:
but it's not necessary.*

*Only the images in this post are free to use without credit.
For other images on this website needs credit and approval. :)

What do you think about these pictures?
Do you like taking pictures too?

Have a happy fun relaxing weekend everyone!

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