Sick Day - BLOGMAS DAY 6

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Sick Day - BLOGMAS DAY 6

Hello Happy Friends!
It's Hazel, Happy's mommy! :)

Sick Day - BLOGMAS DAY 6

When I started Blogmas & Vlogmas, I was already feeling flu like symptoms. -_-
Perfect timing! :'(

Sick Day - BLOGMAS DAY 6 

I don't know if you seen the tv commercial, parents telling their babies that they are gonna take a sick day. And babies look at them all puzzled...
That's so HAPPY!

Sick Day - BLOGMAS DAY 6

I can't take a sick day with HAPPY! :D
HAPPY thinks I'm a super woman! LOL
Sick Day - BLOGMAS DAY 6

So Blogmas and Vlogmas still continues! ;)

Hope everyone stay healthy and happy this holiday season! <3

PS-I'm taking this tea for the first time, I will let you know next time if it's working! :D

Don't forget to watch VLOGMAS DAY 6! <3

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