Hello Happy Friends! It's me, happy dog, Happy! :D Wanna smile like me?

Hello Happy Friends! Close your eyes... and just think of happy things! :)

Hello Happy Friends! It's snack time! <3 Let's open January Love with Food Deluxe Box! :)

Hello Happy Friends! It's Hazel. ;) Let me introduce my hero to you. His name is HAPPY and he's a Dog! :)

Hello Happy Friends! It's me Happy! How you doin'?! ;) I'm back with my review for Instinct® Raw Boost® Mixers! Ready...

Hello Happy Frends! It's me! Your friend Happy. :) Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Hello, Happy Friends! :) Happy Anniversary! HAPPY HAZEL has started one year ago today! <3

Hello Happy Friends! It's Happy and Hazel! <3 Do you need some Raw Boost® for the New Year? Wanna Mix It Up?! ;) It's ...

Good Evening Happy Friends! It's Hazel. How are you? :) It's late night. Happy's sleeping. Maybe you are sleeping...

Good Morning Happy Friends! It's me, Happyaaaaaaawn! ;) Are you a morning person/dog?

Hello Happy Friends! It's El Happy! ;) It's been raining in LA. They say it's because of El Nino. How about your to...

Hello! Happy Friends! :) How are you doing this new year of 2016?

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