HAPPY FRIDAY!!! ahh this was already last month...but it was really HAPPY FRIDAY hahahaa!

i've been a dodger fan for forever... and it was about time i go back to dodger stadium!

It was another beautiful sunny day in LA! Beautiful weather is always make me happy the most! <3

Ahhh Santa Monica!!! <3

heyyy how u doinnn! lol it was a beautiful day in los angeles... just like everyday in LA ;)

hey i'm a tourist in hollywood lol lived in la 16 years, lived in hollywood for couple of years lol

i went back to saddle ranch on sunset strip! my favorite! 

3 weeks ago I went back to LA :D

last weekend, i went to Sokcho! my favorite little beach town in the east coast of Korea!

It's Spring time in Korea! Beautiful flowers everywhere~ and HAPPY is so HAPPY! :D

i just read this from my facebook memories this morning and i really loved it! <3 and also found a pic from that day too. ;) hop...

it was a beautiful warm sunny day in shanghai on halloween day, 2018!

hello friends! this is HOT DOG HAPPY in SANTA MONICA! ;)


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