How to Adopt a Dog! or Cats or Any Pets You Want in 3 Easy Steps!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Happy May Everyone and Happy Friday!
Do you want a adopt a dog like Happy and be happy?
Let me show you how to Adopt a Dog or any pets you want! :)

1. First visit one of these websites to find a pet you want.

- PetHarbor (
This website is simple and easy to use. And you can search from so many different organizations.

- PetFinder (
It's almost same as PetHarbor but you can find out more about the animals and search more in detail. I was looking for special need dogs here. 

- Best Friends Animal Society (
They are No-Kill animal organization. You can also find their local adoption events and more!

2. If you found a dog you like, you can call the organization and find out more about the animal. And you can go visit the animal during the visiting hour.

Take the animal number and name with you.
So you can save time and easily find the animal you want.

Take a look and give a chance to overlooked animals.
Especially special needs and senior animals.
They are just as adorable as other animals!

Don't worry about how the animal was acting in the shelter.
Shelter is a scary place. Once you visit you will realize.
They will change and adjust in the loving home environment.

They are waiting for your loving touch!
And they are ready to love you right back!

Take good time to look for the right animal for you.
Interact with the animal and feel the connection to find the right one.

If you really want specific breeds you can let the organization know and there are rescue groups for specific breeds.

3. Pay the adoption fee and go home and throw a welcoming party!

You just saved a life. Be proud of yourself! You are a hero!

Make sure you are ready and be prepared for a new family member.
Have patience and help the animal with love so they can get used to a new environment.

Take them out of a walk, dog park, dog beach, dog friendly restaurants, hiking
Be excited for an endless fun adventure and take pictures and Instagram it! :)

If you are in LA area this weekend, You are lucky!
Check out this Free and Family Friendly event!
It's No Kill Los Angeles(NKLA) Adoption Weekend! 
Go to to find out more! 
Good luck and Happy Adoption! :)

Have you ever adopted any animals before?
Or are you planning to adopting any animals? <3

*I'm not affiliated with any of the organizations mentioned above. :)

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