JULY 2022 many many pics inside

Thursday, February 02, 2023

july 2022

got this book so randomly like out of nowhere while ago and just started reading it, 
so interesting because i resonated so much with the main character,
...sadly lol

my latest plant purchase...
alocasia silver dragon!
look it looks like dragon ;)

this blueberry pie again! ;)
with decaf cold brew...was so good!!!

pastry party?!
my kinda party!! lol ;)
idk why but i love boxes like this, like donut boxes...feels like christmas or something ;p

alocasia silver dragon...
it's like alocasia dragon alocasia dragon scale but silver color ;)

i also got alcoasia frydek aka alocasia green velvet!

how pretty!<3

HAPPY does not care ;)

but he loves...


and waking me up 6 in the morning yay!

if i don't get up, he takes out all his toys and start making mess lol

then when i wake up...he goes back to sleep...again...-_-

wanna play with tiger at 6:30am?

come on! wake up and fight the tiger!

this tiger squeaks all loud too -_-

beep bepp beepp beeppp my sleep is gone! lol

as long as you are happy HAPPY!

HAPPY is a good human trainer lol

he trained me to sleep early and wake up early ;)

and walk him 2-3 times a day ;D

HAPPY says good human good human!

ahhh the joy of being a dog!



because my name is HAPPY!:D

but did you know this blue berry whipped cream croissant is also a good life?!:D

giant pastries! :D

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