Happy face at the park :) - June 29, 2013

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I barely slept last night, thanks to this cute little crying baby.
I put his bed away from my bed. As soon as I turned off the light he started crying.
So I had to sleep on my couch next to his bed so he won't cry.
I tried to sneak out when he fell asleep then he caught me right away!

Then we woke up to the hottest weather ever.
It was a record breaking heat wave in LA.
I was thinking how hot it will be at the shelter, and felt so good I saved this little guy from there.
Then again, I felt bad for the other animals still at the shelter.
I prayed many of them get adopted today and be out and free like Happy. :)

We had to go to the vet for the first exam.
I got a free exam voucher from the shelter and it has to be done within 72 hours.
Luckily, I found a nearby vet opens on saturdays.

They checked his temperature, weighed him, checked for fleas and stuff.
Even though, Happy looks super skinny, he is healthy! His body type is just slender built.
But I'm planning to feed him extra, until he gains a little more weight, so we won't see his backbones and rib cages like dinosaurs!
He really ate well the first day and today, I was thinking he just couldn't eat enough at the shelter, since he had to share a food bowl with other dogs.

We headed to a local park to attend a picnic from the church.
It was so hot probably over 90 degrees, but they had shades everywhere from the trees.
I fed him bbq meats and cold water then we played around on the grass.

He found a water bottle and he was like a kid with a new toy on a Christmas morning!
How sweet he is to be so grateful and happy for the smallest thing!
When was the last time you had this happy face when given something so little? :)
Umm...I had one plastic cup from starbucks they wrote me, "with extra love for Hazel".
That one little thing, made my day! It made me laugh and smile all day drinking my coffee.
And I kept it for months until the writing rubbed off.

It always has been the smallest things truly made me happy.
Like Happy's smile today. I haven't seen this innocent happy face for a while.
His smile made me smile. He was happy, so I was so happy.

We hope our smile make you smile too. <3

...with love, Happy and Hazel.

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