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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I found this post in my draft folder.
I actually tried to blog since 2013 from the day I adopted Happy.
But started blogging in 2015. And found this in 2021, couple of days ago.
And there's more posts like this in the draft folder.
I thought I wanna post these, because these are sweet and heartwarming..:)

So here it is.
June 28th, 2013.
It was Friday afternoon, in my tiny studio apartment in LA, super hot day, the day I adopted Happy and changed my life forever...

Title : Happy is his name!

I've been going to the close by local shelter for the past few weeks.
It was so hard for me to pick one dog among all these dogs at the shelter.
I picked some dogs and they were adopted.
But finally, today was the lucky day!

I've been severely depressed for this whole year.
I was isolating myself from everything and everyone.
I would not even go outside for weeks.
Mind and body goes together, and I've became really sick and weak.
I had to do something about it, because I felt like I was dying.
I really needed a reason to live a life again.
I needed find something to love so I can live.

By adopting a dog, I'm saving his life and I'm also saving my life.

I've always loved dogs.
They've always been my best friends.
More than best friends, it's more like soul to soul relationship, which I find hard to achieve with people.
Dogs never talk but I feel like I communicate with them from heart.

When I saw him at the shelter for these past weeks, he didn't really care about people.
He would just do his own things and don't even bark. Just chilling all cool.
Compared to other dogs go crazy barking and crying for help, which really breaks my heart.

As soon we get out from the shelter he turned out to be a completely different dog, like he's been acting.
When he was out in the shelter's yard, he was slow and shy.
Today all day he was barking, running, paying attention to what I tell him, playing!

I couldn't believe this skinny dog has so much energy!
I'd better step up to keep up with this little guy! :)

And learn how to meditate too. ;)

I got some bacon strips to feed him.
I wanted to give him extra love, well, bacon is almost the same thing!

Happy was looking like this sweet looking at bacon then he turned... a crazy cartoon character. He's eyes roll over like this, whenever he gets excited!
Looks little crazy, he's a good crazy dog!

This one reminded me of Milo from the movie Mask? ;)

Flying Nun?!

What's your name? And it says on his face! HAPPY!

Happy just had to show of his nice and long legs and flexible body!
And that's Buddy in his cage in his house. He's a long haired teddy bear hamster.
The best hamster ever! He's just so awesome. I'll post about Buddy soon.

We both had a long day.
A big life change, but a very good one.
We are excited for our life ahead together! :)

...Sweet dreams at his new home sweet home.

Happy was the name of the first dog I ever liked and also one of the most popular dog names in the 80's and in Korea.
When I was a little kid, my aunt had a dog named Happy!
She understood everything my uncle used to say and I still remember clearly how Happy made me really so happy!

Happy is my favorite word too.
Last year I was happy. This year I completely lost that word.
But from today I think I will never lose it again.
Because Happy is here with me now.


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