Happy Football Time !! HotDogCollars.com Review

Sunday, September 27, 2015

San Francisco 49ers Dog Jersey

Hello! Happy Sunday Happy Friends!
Long time no see! ;)
Happy's back with his super cool football jersey!

HotDogCollars Review

*Happy was given store credit from HotDogCollars.com
All opinions are our own. We only post real and honest experience! :)

Oh yeah! It's football season!
Are you ready? ;)

Happy got his NFL gear ready from his favorite store HotDogCollars.com !
They have all your favorite sports team gears! <3

Happy was excited to check out his new jersey!
He already has Dodgers Jersey and he loves it too! ;)
Check out this Post to see Happy's Dodgers Jersey!

It's almost October but still hot in LA!
Full mesh design is perfect for even hot weather! :)

Of course it's Officially Licensed by NFL and has
Official Team Logos and Colors! ;)
Check out this great quality! 

Happy was running everywhere like a football player!

That means this jersey is not only super cool looking but super comfy too! :)

YAY!!! <3

Happy was quite satisfied with his new jersey! :)

He just couldn't stop running and smiling!
And showing off his new jersey! :)

So much happiness for Happy Dog HAPPY! :)
HotDogCollars Review

Oh! One more happiness here! :)

When you order anything from HotDogCollars, they send you this cute card so you can use it to take pictures! ;)

This is notice that the picture on the top right is Happy?!
It was the picture that made Happy win Hot Dog of the Month!!
Check out this Post! ;)

Your dog can win too! ;)

So cool to be a Hot Dog! ;)

HotDogCollars Review

Look at Happy all trying to be so cool like a model! ;););)

We hope you guys enjoy football season!!
We wish all of you Happy Fall! <3

Get your NFL gears here like Happy! ;)

Don't forget to enter your dog for the Hottest Dog Contest! <3

Do you like football? Who's your favorite team? :)

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