#TruLoveIs Taking Happy to PetSmart! Wellness TruFood Review!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wellness TruFood Review

Hello Happy Friends!
Let's follow Happy to PetSmart® and see what he finds! :)

This post is sponsored by PetSmart & Wellness Natural Pet Food and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Wellness TruFood, but HAPPY HAZEL only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Wellness Natural Pet Food is not responsible for the content of this article.  


It was a hot day in Pasadena and Happy couldn't wait to go inside and cool down! ;)

We love shopping for healthy treats and food!
Then we heard about Wellness® TruFood® and wanted to find out what it's all about! :)

Yay! We found it! :)
Let's check it out! ;)

TruFood uses Grain Free fiber such as chickpeas, flaxseed and lentils that pets may
digest better. Powerful superfoods such as beets, blueberries, and cranberries to
help maintain a healthy weight and support the immune system. 

These are healthy ingredients for humans too! ;)
Our dogs deserve to eat good stuff too you know! <3

Hmm...Let's see!

I want to try pretty much everything! ;)

So many yummy selections! <3

Also TruFood has 70% more raw protein than most pet foods. 
TruFood only uses wholeprey proteins full of natural vitamins and minerals that pets need to thrive. Also included is kale, broccoli and green beans.  

I've heard that raw protein is very important to dogs! 
We are lucky to find foods that has this much good protein in dog food! ;)
Thank you Wellness TruFood for putting all the good stuff for our dogs! <3 

Wellness TruFood Review

We picked out Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Dog Food - Natural, Grain Free, Pumpkin, Lamb & Duck to give it a try!
Because Happy likes lamb and he's never tried duck before.
I've heard that duck is good for dogs too. :)

Wellness TruFood Review

Sounds like the best thing ever! :)

Happy was too excited to try and started dancing on the grass! ;)

Wellness TruFood Review
FOOD TIME! :):):)

Happy is very picky when it comes to wet food.
Most of the wet food he would just smell it and run away.

Happy was very careful with his new food!
He didn't know what to expect. ;)

Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food is shredded meat topped with diced veggies; pure protein plus healthy superfoods. The tasty, grain-free, wheat gluten-free meal has no meat by-products, no artificial preservatives, colors of flavors!

He gave it a lick! :)


This is delicious! ;)

Is this really a wet dog food?
But it tastes so good! :)

NomNomNom! ;)

So yummy yummy! ;)

Wellness TruFood Review

Why is my food disappearing?

Why no more! ;)
I'll get you more soon Happy! :)

Happy loves Wellness TruFood! <3
I was so happy to feed Happy with healthy food like Wellness Trufood and see him smiling with happiness! :)

Wellness TruFood Review

Wellness TruFood has more of what pets need to be vibrant and happy
–that's how love becomes Wellness. <3<3<3

Happy Dog Selfie

Our #TruLoveIs being healthy and happy together! <3
Show us what #TruLoveIs for your pets. 
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