Can You Hear The Happiness Coming Your Way? :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hello! Happy Friends! :)
How are you doing this new year of 2016?

We went to Target and tried out this cool headphones called Beats. :)
Happy was wondering if they were gonna ever make a headphone fits his cute tiny head. ;)

And here's a picture of the first sunrise of the new year of 2016 from Sokcho, Korea taken by my mom. 
It's a Korean tradition to watch the first sunrise on January 1st for good lucks and new year wishes.
You can go ahead and make a wish looking at this pic of the first sunrise of 2016! <3

Oh, these are the pictures of some yummy cakes my mom took and sent me.
It was my birthday yesterday. ;)

Although I can't eat these through the screen, I was so happy to see these pics. :D

Umm...this was me 4 years ago, before I passed out drunk at the Rainbow on The Sunset Strip on my birthday. ;p
Thank you Happy for saving my life. <3

Also Google celebrates my birthday every year by showing me this. ;)

I just want to to wish you a Happy New Year again, Be very Happy and Healthy!<3

We are planning so much fun stuff for 2016!
Stay tuned for more love and happiness from us! :D

What did you wish for the New Year?!

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