El Nino vs El Happy! Rainy Day in LA :) HotDogCollars.com Review

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Cute Dog Rain Jacket

Hello Happy Friends!
It's El Happy! ;)
It's been raining in LA.
They say it's because of El Nino.
How about your town?

Cute Dog Rain Jacket

Amazingly Cool Pet Stuff!

*Happy is an Official Spokesdog for HotDogCollars.com.
We received a store credit for the purchase.
We only post our honest opinion. <3
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Cute Dog Rain Jacket

As you guys all know, it rarely rains in LA.
But mommy said it's always good to be prepared for rainy days.
So she got me this cool rain jacket from my favorite store HotDogCollars!
And guess what it really started raining here! ;)

Cute Dog Rain Jacket

My new jacket is called "Monkey Time Stowaway Pet Rain Jacket".
Cool name right?
And it's perfect for the Monkey New Year of 2016! :)
Oh, just in case if you wonder what is monkey year, it's an Asian astrology thingy. ;)

Hopefully it will bring me a good luck! Hehehe! :D
I'm hoping a fun year just like this monkey!

The coolest thing about this jacket is...
it turns into a little stowaway bag! <3

So handy and useful!
Mommy can easily carry this in her bag and cover me from rain whenever it rains. ;)

Here's a little info about this jacket.
Yes we do need to monkey around!
How do they know?! ;)

Cute Dog Rain Jacket

And here's me trying to copy the model dog in the picture. LOL
How do I look? Pretty cool huh?
I'm wearing a small size by the way.
I can look stylish in the rain with my new jacket! Yay!
You can click "HERE" to get your own jacket! ;)

How do you spend your rainy day?
We went out for a little bit with the rain jacket yesterday when it was raining lightly.
Today is raining a lot and it's really cold. So we are staying home.

I was kinda feeling down, because I love going outside so much.
So mommy gave me a little whip cream from her birthday cake. :)

I'm crazy about whip cream.
The first food I've ever stolen was Ice cream.
 Because she always give me so tiny bit!
I don't understand because I want it so much.
There must be some reasons...

Humans are so hard to understand sometimes...
Why you so complicated? ;)

Life is so simple and we should try to enjoy every moments.
Even us dogs know that so well, I mean just look at us! ;)

If us dogs can do it, you humans can do it too! :)
Live simple and enjoy life. <3

Now can I get some more whip cream to that? ;)

Mommy told me to read some comments on our blog.
She usually reads them for me. She really reads them out loud for me. ;)
Thank you everyone for sweet comments, you really make our day! <3

Ah, this sweet sounds of rain drops makes me fall asleep. :)
I just want to relax in this warm blanket but at the same time,
 I'm going to dream about running on a sunny day.

Cute Dog Rain Jacket

Don't let El Nino rain pulls you down!
Don't let anything pulls you down! ;)

Cute Dog Rain Jacket

Mommy : This California dew is just a little heavier than usual tonight.
Happy : Really? From where l stand, the sun is shining all over the place.

It's actually a script from the movie "Singing In The Rain". <3

Hope you guys stay warm,cozy and happy wherever you are! :)

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