Happy's First BarkBox for his Birthday! :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hello Happy Friends! <3
It's Happy's Birthday! :D

...actually it was yesterday...
Sorry about that...-_-

This is Happy's First time trying a dog subscription box! ;)
And we were super excited! :D

We heard about BarkBox so many times on Instagram and YouTube.
So we just had to try it out! :D

Happy was like...what is this BarkBox all about? @_@

It came with 2 squeaky toys and 2 treats and 1 chew.
Total of 5 items themed with Summer School!
All items were great quality products! <3

But...Summer School...?!
No thanks...-_-

Happy was way too tired for summer school or anything. LOL.
We went to the dog park earlier that afternoon for like 2 hours! ;)

We really liked our first BarkBox experience! :)
It was so perfect for Happy's birthday present! :D

It's been 3 years since we've been together and we are so happy together! <3
Now Happy is a 4 year old big boy! :D
He's been the best dog ever and brought so much happiness into our life! :)

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Also watch our first YouTube video together of Happy's First BarkBox Unboxing! ;)
I was so shy but it was Happy's birthday and he inspired me to make this video! <3

Use our referral code HAPPYHAZEL or use this link
https://www.barkbox.com/r/HAPPYHAZELfor a FREE BOX added to your new BarkBox subscription! :)

Have you tried BarkBox before or any dog subscription boxes?

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