Let's Smile for Strangers #WordlessWednesday

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hello Happy Friends! :)
It's me smiling HAPPY! <3
Let's smile for strangers! :D

As you guys all know, my name is HAPPY!
Because mommy wanted me to be happy!

In fact...she wants everyone to be happy! :D

How do we make everybody happy though?!

I wondered...is it even possible?!

Oh I got an idea! ;)

We can all smile for every strangers we meet! :D
That's going to make everyone happy! <3

You smile, I smile, we all smile! <3
Let's all make this world a happy place full of happy smiles! :D

I hope I made you happy with my smile! :)
Maybe you can do the same with the strangers you meet today! <3


PS -  We will be walking for Strut Your Mutt by Best Friends Animal Society to raise money and awareness for more than 9000 dogs and cats dying in animal shelters, 
simply because they don't have a place to call home.
Our goal is to raise $222.22 by end of October and we haven't got any donations yet. (T_T)
Please consider donating just $2 to help shelter dogs just like HAPPY! <3
All money goes to the charity!

Check out this post for more info about this event. <3

Also check out my amazing friends on BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

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