Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hello Happy Friends! <3
It's me Smiling Happy. ;)
I am smiling today because today is a very special day!
It's our sweet friend SUGAR's Birthday! :D


Here's my smile and flowers for you! <3

If you don't know who Sugar is...
You should know! :D
She's a super star of dog blogging world and in a real world too! ;)
Sugar and her mommy share so much love and happiness with the world! <3
Check it out on her website on www.sugarthegoldenretriever.com
You will fall in love like we did. <3

I was lucky enough to meet her in real life earlier this year!
It was like a dream come true! <3

I got so shy and starstruck, so I froze! LOL!
Her smile was melting my tiny chihuahua heart. <3
She's super sweet and so beautiful just like her mommy! :)

Sugar's mommy invite us to meet them again,
but my mommy was sicky and couldn't make it this time.
We are hoping to see them again soon though! :D

And also we are SUPER EXCITED for this amazing cookbook coming out soon!
It's called "Cooking for Sugar"! <3
You can pre-order it here! -> http://bit.ly/2aylbns

I'm sending my SMILE full of LOVE and HAPPINESS just for you SUGAR! <3
Today is YOUR DAY and wishing you THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! :D 

Check out my other friends celebrating
Sugar's Birthday Pawty on Sugar's Birthday Blog Hop ! <3

Also we are joining BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop too! ;)

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