7 years ago today, when i used to live in hollywood

Saturday, April 06, 2019

i just read this from my facebook memories this morning and i really loved it! <3
and also found a pic from that day too. ;) hope you guys like this story! :)

April 7, 2012 ·

it was the coldest night ever in hollywood...i was so close to crying, so many people harassing me, it was so windy and i was so tempted to give up! so i bought a lollipop so i became happy smiling eating it like a little kid...then! somebody passed by and i dropped it!!! i was like "OMG my lollipop!!!" and EVERYBODY was looking...

then little later i see this old homeless man on a wheelchair, moving forward little by little using his barefoot on the cold ground, passing by so many of these fancy dressed up people in front of this fancy club, bowing his head down, begging with his two hands...not even a single person looked or gave a fkin' sht!
NOBODY cared!!!

i was so shocked and hurt...i'm not rich but luckily i'm rich at heart...i opened my brokeass wallet, ran up to his wheelchair and gave him not much but all the singles i had and held his hand and looked him in his eyes and gave him a hug...in front of EVERYBODY who ignored!!!

it was not the weather that was cold in hollywood, it was the people with cold heart make hollywood cold...and it was not the homeless person hands and feet was dirty, it was all these people's heartlessness was disgusting...

ANYWAYS...i was holding it all night and was being strong, then cried so much on my way driving back home...it was a really hard day for me, not only realized it is really hard to make money but so hurtful that some people are so cold hearted!

but I chose to work harder and make less money but make more happiness BECAUSE i live for filling up my HEART not my wallet...<3

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