Monday, April 01, 2019

it was a beautiful warm sunny day in shanghai on halloween day, 2018!

oh we started our morning with our halloween decoration lol

i took all that pumpkin stuff from korea to decorate our hotel room ;)

i'm a tea lover...i love tea so much...
so i got so happy when i saw this jasmine tea!

halloween morning tea time! <3

oh yeah and i thought this carpet on our hotel room floor looked like crop circles lol

we headed out for another fun day in shanghai! ;)

as soon as we got out we got lost lol jk

but even in big international city like shanghai, everything was just written in chinese lol

i mean not everything but yeah it was hard to find someone who speaks english either....

we were on the metro again!
metro was fast, easy and clean...only thing was they have security screen just like airports and you have to get screened and they check our bag every time you get on the metro...
taxis were cheap but the thing is drivers don't speak english and it was so hard to catch taxi...
we were on the taxi for like 2-3 times...
it was kinda scary lol

mcdonald's in chinese letters i thought it was pretty cool so i let my friend model in front of the sign lol

we were trying to find french concession area...
we were lost for hours again lol

we were starving so we went to this french bakery cafe...called pain chaud!

yeah we were really starving lol

everything was sooooo goooood!!!

had to take a picture lol

i know ... going to french cafe in china... yeah hahaha

but we really loved it! <3

i don't really drink coffee but when i travel...
i need my coffee lol 

then we headed to tianzifang!

they had so many little cute shops and food stands!

i loved these cute tea shops named blan bunny's tea! :D

many cool photo ops too haha ;)

i heard about this bakery called lillian bakery

they are famous for their egg tarts and cheese tarts...

i got some for me and my friends!   

then we went to starbucks lol

it's not just a starbucks...

but the biggest starbucks in the world!

when i found out about this i was so excited...

but when i got there i was exhausted...i fell asleep lol

the reason i went to shanghai was...

for taco tuesday and margarita madness with my best friend from LA lol
when i decided to go visit him i was just joking that if we meet on tuesday let's do taco tuesday just like we're in LA then he told me there is actually a taco tuesday in shanghai too hahahhaa

so yeah! this is my friend LIAM!
we've known each other for many years and haven't seen each other for like 6 years before this!
he's super talented amazing musician and badass and everything omg i love him so much! <3

with two of my best friends together
shanghai, china
at this rock n roll dive bar
which was the last day of that place because the government ordered them to close down lol
the building was literally half demolished lol

i was super two they really understand me and accept me for who i am...
i am truly blessed to have them in my life

oh and i also brought this halloween pumpkin hat from korea too hahaha

i just had to give it to liam <3


happy halloween lol

the next morning...:D

enjoying the last view ;) 


the morning of the last day in shanghai...

we went to yu garden which was right next to our hotel.

then we went to this mall to eat dim sum at din tai fung!!! ;)

i used to go din tai fung when i was in la too

and yeah i love dim sum <3

and this tea omg!!

the name of this tea was long jing! 
it was soooooo goooood! :D

everything was sooooo goood....
we ate a lot...we ate everything lol

but what's for dessert tho lol

cheesecake hahahaa

i love cheesecake lol


part 1 blog and video here!

check out my shanghai video part 2!!!

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