June 2021

Saturday, February 26, 2022

June is HAPPY's birthday(adoption day) month!

We found this little mountain in our neighborhood.
It's nice and quiet there. 

So we went there many times.

HAPPY always loved hiking in mountains.
He's almost 10 years old but still a hiking champion!

He just loves spending time in nature.
And me too. :)

I rarely ever drink this kind of blend drinks, but I got this coconut coffee shake it was pretty good!
I think I just like anything with coconut.

HAPPY and I always tried to find a new route for our daily walking session.

Sometimes we find some new fun places.

Like this secret passage right next to a freeway.

Wildflowers everywhere!

Pomegranate Calamansi Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey…soooo gooood!

Heart shaped pastry from Starbucks.

I finally got a Kalimba.
Always wanted one. :)

Rainy day.

Sunny day.

Beautiful day.

More flowers.

From my clear quartz crystal on the windowsill.🌈

Bougainvillea blooming.

Happy 8th adoption anniversary!❤️
(Happy’s not a fan of hat lol)

It was a good month.🐢😊❤️

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