January 2022 with videos

Thursday, March 10, 2022

January is my birthday month...
and I got Kermit for my birthday...from me! ;)

also got these super cute rabbit figurines for the succulents.

how adorable are these! <3

my struggling monstera adansonii...
it's doing better now, but still struggling...

i think this one is called vick's plant in english.
they grow so well and smells so good too!


my precious. :)

i knew it was risky to buy plants in winter...
but i couldn't wait till spring...
so i ended up with cold damaged plants lol

this guy is recovering pretty good these days...
it's name is philodendron mican.

this philodendron brasil is also doing great.
i repotted in 3 different pots.
they are all doing great!

Happy is not so excited about all these plants!

but he got a nice gift for himself!

it's a nice cardigan from Callaway!

Happy is looking super stylish! ;)

we made a YouTube video too.<3

Happy is a golfer now lol.

Snowy days and Happy's new winter hat. :)

Happy used to be scared of snow and cold weather.
But not as much anymore.
He's a champion. ;)

Dog ate my homework in real life lol.

Happy does this when he's not getting all the attention he wants.

yummy winter snack!

fish buns! ;)

this one got green tea cream inside!

new ball toy!

you can put treats in the pockets!

mini monstera

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
started growing again since January and already got 3 new leaves now.

Happy's new camouflage sweater.

this cookies from bake peace was soooo goood! <3

snake plant also had a new growth in the winter!

in winter, walking time is short, so it's important have a play time indoors.

and these interactive dog toys are super helpful!

tiny little flower in the spider plant!

this plant also has struggled through the winter.

but i ordered a new plant again?!
i forgot...

it's a baby bird of paradise. :)

also got hyasinth for the first time!

now they are in the full bloom.
(i will be posting pics later on)

so fragrant and beautiful!
i'm definitely gonna get more next year!

lazy winter days :)

finally reading this book lol

january jungle.
january was cold but it was fun. :)


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