Happy Sunday! Black and White Sunday!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hello Happy Friends! <3
It's Happy the Explorer! ;)
And it's Black and White Sunday! :D

It was a beautiful day in LA and felt like something good is going to happen! ;)

Then all of sudden, I found this giant dinosaur bone!

Mommy was keep telling me it's a tree, but I was pretty sure it was a giant bone!

I mean just look at me!
I look like I'm in Jurassic Park here. ;) 

Then I started wondering, how do I take this bone home? :D

Mommy told me we should leave it here so other dogs can enjoy it too. <3

I agreed with her and left the bone behind. :)

It always feels so good to share good things with everyone! <3

Just like this bench here, it's for everyone to enjoy. :)

I wish my smile was like this bench.

I hope you get some good rest and enjoy this moment looking at my smile! <3

Check out my hiking video on YouTube! :)

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