Dog Starstruck! Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

Hello, Happy Friends!
How are you doing?!
It's Happy and I am so starstruck! <3
I met my golden superstar! 
Sugar The Golden Retriever! :)

Downtown LA

It was a beautiful summery evening in DTLA.
DTLA means Downtown Los Angeles.
Humans call it DTLA because it's sounds kinda cool. ;)
And it is really kinda cool and hip area. :D
And there's this hip place called Pussy & Pooch!
An urban oasis for pets and their people. <3

My favorite blog superstar dog Sugar The Retriever invited us to join her for 
Mutt Mingle dog pawty with CARU Pet Food. <3

They had yummy gourmet pawty food for us dogs! :D

That was so nice of them! <3

And even for humans too! :)

So both dogs and humans can have fun. <3

This was like really real pawty! <3
Champagne was served for our hardworking doggy parents.
Also there was Bowser Beer for dogs.
But mommy was too excited for the Champagne and forgot to take picture of it. LOL! ;D

Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

I was more excited to meet Sugar! :)
She is a super sweet senior super star dog! <3
I mean just look at her dreamy smile.
Me and my mommy fell in love with her on her blog Golden Woofs.

It was my first time meeting a famous dog star.
I was very nervous to meet beautiful dog like Sugar in real life!

Then I felt like someone's behind me...
Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

It was SUGAR!
I couldn't believe I met her!
She said hello and gave me a golden smile. :D

Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

She was such a cool big sister to us little doggies.
We were all starstruck and going crazy around her.

Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

But she just watched us nicely with a beautiful smile. <3
What a true super star dog she is! :)
CARU Pet Food

We also got to try CARU stews!

CARU Pet Food

Looks so hearty and yummy right?!

CARU Pet Food

They gave me a box to take home too.
Me and mommy will make a review for it next time. ;)
Meanwhile, check out Sugar's review for CARU pet food HERE! <3

Everydogs were so excited for food! ;)
This pawty was just getting better and better!

So many cool looking dogs were at the pawty. <3

I was still so nervous because it was my first time coming to this kind of pawty.
I'm used to going to dog parks but this pawty made me feel like I'm a real human. ;)

There were bunch of weird looking toys too.
Then I started to get little bit scared!

This raccoon riding a dog?!

Giant shadow of a Chihuahua!!

Blue and yellow unicorn?!!

A white cat head!!!
Where am I? Who am I! Why am I here?!
I was not used to this!

Then I found so many yummy chews and treats for dogs! ;)

They really have great selections of everything for dogs! <3

And check this out! They even have a bar for dogs! :D

PawBar Menu

I told mommy I really want to eat here next time.
And maybe bring my date for a romantic lunch? ;)

Sleepy Pod

We found this cool carriers from Sleepy Pod too. ;)

Also cool books about cats and dogs. ;)
Pussy & Pooch is really a cool place! <3

Then this cool dude joined the pawty!

I was like, What's up dude? ;)

Then I gave him a bro hug. <3

Then all other dogs came to hug me!

I got little overwhelmed!

So I went to hide behind this doggy stroller. ;)

Meanwhile at the PawBar, dogs were being good dogs to get yummy treats. ;)

It seemed like all you need to do is lifting your head up and then you get a treat! <3

Even this one with a cone lifted his head up and got his treats. <3

 So I lifted my head up to get some treats too. ;)

Mutt Mingle

It was so much fun for both me and mommy. <3
You guys should join monthly Mutt Mingle pawty at Pussy & Pooch too sometimes! ;)

Happy Meets Sugar The Golden Retriever!

Most of all, we had an amazing time with Sugar and her mommy. :)
They were so sweet and friendly! 
Thank you so much for inviting us and giving us so much happiness. <3

On February 25, you can meet Sugar too! At Mutt Mingle in Beverly Hills Pussy & Pooch! :D
And don't forget to check her out on her blog on ! <3

It's time for BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday! :)

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