Dog Food Giveaway! Happy Discovers Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food! + Review

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Brother's Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food Review and Giveaway

Hello Happy Friends!
It's Happy!
I have discovered amazing dog food. :D
It's Brothers Complete Dog Food and they are Ultra Premium! <3

*Brothers Complete Dog Food sent us these food for a review
and providing the prizes for the giveaway.
We are not paid to write this post. HAPPY HAZEL only post our honest and real opinion. :)
Brother's Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food Review and Giveaway

It was a beautiful day in downtown Los Angeles.
When suddenly I discovered these amazing dog food called,
Brothers Complete Dog Food! ;)

Brother's Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food Review and Giveaway

Brothers Complete dog food is a family owned and family run company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They started making dog food when they saw how poor the results were with most every dog food they carried in their retail outlet store. Since it seemed that no one had decided to just simply make the best dog food possible they decided to be the ones to do it! <3

Commercial Dog Foods Were Not Good Enough. :(
Many dog problems are caused from the food they are eating.
Mommy remembers back when good dog food were not much available and she didn't know much about dog nutrition. So she was feeding her past dogs whatever they were selling at the store.

Her past dogs had many health problems and she had no idea it could've been the low quality food they were eating that was causing all the problems! 
She always thinks about her past dogs and she wishes she had fed them great quality dog food like Brothers Complete. <3

Mommy feeds me only the best.
She says because I'm the best dog! :)
Brothers Complete Pet Food is designed to be the highest quality, most nutritious, grain free, potato free, pet food available in the market place today.
That's why I was so excited to discover about Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food! :D

I wanted to try Venison first because I've never tried Venison before! ;)
Brothers Complete "VENISON Meal & EGG Formula" with “Advanced Allergy Care”, is made with VENISON Meal, dried WHOLE EGGS, and TURKEY Meal, which are the first three, and most abundant ingredients in Brothers Complete.

And check this out! It's...
GMO Free
Grain Free
Sugar Free
Hormone Free
Antibiotic Free
White Potato Free
Sweet Potato Free
Artificial Coloring Free
Artificial Flavoring Free
Chemical Preservative Free
(BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin FREE)
Free from all the weird stuff! ;)

And of course they are sourced and Made in the USA!

 Wow! So amazing! Let's try this! ;)

They are made of high quality human grade protein, it must taste so meaty and yummy! <3

It was my very first time trying venison.
I didn't even know what venison was. ;)

And I was very excited. ;)
Just look at my eyes! :D

I went right into it!


This is something new!
I've never had anything like this before!

How does it tastes better than chicken?
Venison is my new favorite food! ;)

Brother's Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food Review and Giveaway

Brothers Complete is manufactured in small batches and one day after their food is made it is put in a dark, air-conditioned storage facility and kept at 60 F to maintain maximum freshness and nutritional bioavailability. :)

They also package their food in the highest quality, best performing, 3-ply metalized bags, with a patented one way release valve. Their Hi-Tek, metalized bag ensures protection against insects, moisture, oxygen migration, and light intrusion to maintain maximum freshness. <3

I am so amazed with their detailed attention to provide fresh premium quality food to us dogs!
No wonder it's so yummy and I feel so healthy! ;)
Thank you Brothers Complete Dog Food for your dedication to make great products and love for dogs! <3

Me and mommy decided to donate two bags to our local shelter or rescue.
So our doggy friends in need can benefit from this super fresh and amazing food;)

And now you can try it too!
3 randomly selected lucky winners will get 
One 10 lbs Bag of Brothers Complete Dog Food of their choice! Enter now! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit Brothers Complete Dog Food for more info! 

We recommend reading this page! 
So educational for dog parents! ;)


Also available on Amazon(See links below) &! :)

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