Nature Lovin' Wordless Wednesday :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Hello Happy Friends!
How are you doing today?!
It's Wordless Wednesday. ;)

It was so sunny and beautiful day in LA.

Me and my mommy went on a little journey in the nature today. :)
We got lost couple of times but it was so much fun. :D

It was so quiet and peaceful in the nature. <3
So I wanted to meditate on the tree.
Did you know meditation relieves stress and reduces anxiety?!
Pretty cool huh?! ;)

After my meditation session, we had to head back home.

Because it was like 60s and we were feeling so cold! 
We are so LA people. :)
It's gonna be 80s this weekend. YAY! :D
We hope it starts to warm up in your area too. <3

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