Happy Goes to Grand Park in Downtown LA!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello happy friends!
Happy went to Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles!

This is Happy at home...:)

B.O.R.E.D! ;)

Happy says we need to work our heart muscle!

So we went to Grand Park!

It was a long walk but we knew we were going to have fun!

They had this cool messages to encourage us! :)

LA City Hall

This is LA City Hall.
This was our first time got so close to this building! :)

Los Angeles City Hall

Oh! Guess what?!
We found a dog park!!! :)
We didn't expect this.
It was right in front of the City hall!

Happy was so happy to run around off leash!

It's a tiny dog park but it's all pink and cute! :)

Happy likes it!

Oh we found this cool street art too!

I think this message was perfect for us! <3

Happy seems like he understands too! :)

Smile for LOVE! <3

Grand Park, Los Angeles

It says this park is for everyone!
So cool and sweet!

I think we really like this park! :)

So cute and lovely!

Just like Happy! :)

Many photo ops too. Hehehe.

I did a photoshoot right here, when I was modeling too. ;)

Now Happy is modeling! <3

Peace on earth!
YES! :)

It's fun to be a tourist in your own town sometimes!
Go outside, explore and have fun! :)

Check out Happy's vlog on this day! <3

For more info about the park go here >>> http://grandparkla.org/

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