Happy's New Custom Collar! HotDogCollars.com Review

Monday, August 03, 2015

Free Hugs

Happy August Everyone!
Check out Happy's NEW Special Custom Collar! :)

HotDogCollars.com Review

*Happy was given store credit from his favorite store HotDogCollars.com
We were not paid to write this. This is our honest opinion and real experience. :)

Custom Collar

If you follow us, you probably already know Happy is a big fan of custom collars!
Check out this Post and YouTube Video.

He wears it everyday!
You can put any letters you want!
It's the best way to show your personality! :)

It's Made in USA!
Great quality you can trust.

We also got Rubit!
I was thinking it would be so nice if I could easily change collars without going through the hassle of switching the ID tags. Then I found this on their website!

I was so happy with this!
So convenient!
Such a smart product! :)
They have different designs too.
We highly recommend this for fashionable dogs with many collars. <3 

First destination to show off his new collar was Santa Monica!

We chose to put FREE HUGS with paws on our custom collar this time.
It has a special meaning.

I've always loved dogs so much since I was a little girl.
I didn't have a dog and whenever I see a dog I wanted to pet the dog.
But I was a shy girl, so I couldn't even ask and I was just staring.

When I walk Happy, I see kids like that.
They want to pet Happy but they are too shy to ask and just stare with shy smile.
I know exactly how they feel because I was them.

I always stop and ask those kids to pet Happy.
Happy was shy at first but he started liking their touch and attention.
But only the good kids because some crazy kids are scary to Happy. :)

By wearing this collar, we are showing our warm invite for Free Hugs to shy kids or whoever wants to meet Happy.

Cute Smile

So we can Spread Love! <3
Maybe that's gonna be our next custom collar. :)

So here goes Happy to heal your heart with his hugs! :)

We love hugs, do you? <3

Hugs make Happy smile. :)


Oh So HAPPY! <3

Let's see if anyone wants hugs?


Free Hugs here!

It's Free I Hug you!

Why you no want hugs?

Don't be so shy!

A little Happy hug will melt your shy heart. :)

Happy wants you to be happy!

Because that makes him happy and smile!

HotDogCollars.com Review

Happy says August is A"Hug"ust. :)
Let's hug each other and make this world HAPPY! <3  

Visit HotDogCollars.com to get your own custom collar! :)

Who would you hug today? :)

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