Santa Monica with Memories

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Santa Monica
Happy Wednesday to you my happy friends!
How are you doing today?
It's summer and we went to Santa Monica!

This picture meant a lot to me.
Check it out on my Instagram with all the sweetest comments from my happy friends!
It meant world to us. So much heartwarming! <3

It was a beautiful day!
I haven't been to Santa Monica for a long time.
And it was the first time for Happy!

We always pass by Santa Monica going to Malibu.
Happy was quite excited coming here for the first time!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica
It was on a Saturday!
So there were a lot of people! :)
That's why I don't come here often.
But that day I just wanted to go! ;)

California Palm Trees

Muscle Beach

Hot Dog Stick
I remember one summer, me and my friend came here on a really hot day.
We bought one big ice cold lemonade from here and shared it laying down on the beach staring at the ocean.
It was the best lemonade ever!
The day was hot and we had a lot of worries but the lemonade made us forget everything and made us so happy!
I still have that picture of the lemonade in my old blackberry. :)

Oh you are my new friend! :)

I used to rent rollerblade here.
Sometimes I came alone.
I wrote about it HERE before, couple of years ago, I rode rollerblade for the first time in 15 years since I was a little girl.
And it was the best feeling ever feeling like a kid again. So happy!
One time I didn't bring socks and the gentleman who works here gave me free socks.
He was very nice and kind to me. Like he saw through me I needed that kindness. :)

Santa Monica

I've never seen dolphins in Santa Monica.
Maybe because it's crowded with people.
When I go Malibu I see dolphins more often.
Sometimes I like seeing more dolphins than people. :)

End is the beginning.
Across this pacific ocean far away is my country.
I used to go the end of the pier and just look at the ocean for a long time.
It used to give me so much of mixed feeling.
So I don't go there anymore.

Last time I came here by myself in the morning.
It was warm day in winter and I had beach all for myself.
Just beach and me. It was a beautiful day.

Pacific Park

Happy was staring at the ocean like I used to.
I wonder what he was thinking in his little head.
Maybe he's missing something or hoping something.
Ocean is always inspiring. <3

Santa Monica Pier
I wrote a post about one day, one of the artist on the pier gave me a painting for free.
You can read about it HERE.

Pacific Park

I thought this was the sweetest thing ever!
Grandpas and Grand kids riding a ride together!
They were having so much fun!
It was pure happiness!

Pacific Park
My dad was older than other dads, so some people used to think he was my grandfather.
He still took us everywhere and did everything for us.

It was only so little ago, I couldn't handle the sadness from losing my dad and tremendous grief coming from just by looking at kids with their dad or grandfather.
Or reading any stories about father or father's day or anything related or just everything!
It used to drive me crazy depressed.

Now without even realizing I was taking pictures of them and smile without getting sad.
Maybe I've grown a little bit or stronger.

I've learned to just remember and celebrate the joyful memories of my dad which makes me smile and happy instead of cry about the loss.

I can't live and cry forever. Which I was doing for the last few years.

I just thought they were so beautiful because they were so happy! <3

So many sweet memories all over Santa Monica.
I've forgotten. No I just forgot to remember. I still remember everything and everyone.
Now Santa Monica has even more new beautiful memories!

Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day. <3

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