Korea Blog 1 - The Brand New Hyundai Department Store and More! :)

Friday, October 02, 2015

KaKao Friends

Hello Happy Friends! 
I was in Korea in September and I was so happy as you can see here. :)
It was my first visit in 10 years and was the best time of my life! <3

Strawberry Milk Cake

My best friend since middle school Doo Hee came to surprise me at the airport with my family!
I almost had a heart attack and I was crying so much. ;) 
She's such a special friend! 
She came to see me again to a cool cafe called Dore Dore nearby my place.

This Strawberry Milk Cake was the best thing ever! <3
It's so soft and spongey! Not too crazy sweet like American sweets. :)
Just the perfect amount of sweetness heaven! :D

She introduced me to her boyfriend/fiance.
It was so great to see them happy together! <3

Then Doo Hee and I headed to the brand new Hyundai Department Store in Pan Gyo.

There were so much to see!
Everything from luxury, trendy, cute to everything. <3
My favorite was their themed food court.
So much fun looking around!
They had all kind of food from all over the world!

KaKao Friends
And I loved these cute characters from KaKaoTalk.
They're called KaKao Friends.
KaKaTalk is the most popular messenger app in Korea.
Everyone uses it! My mom, brother, relatives, my friends and really like everybody!
I use it too. ;)

My favorite character is this one. <3

This leggings pants I'm wearing is from UNIQLO.
I never really wear long pants in LA. (It's hot!)
But this pants is super soft, light and comfy.
Also has a great fit! I was so amazed!
It's like leggings but it like pants too! ;)

My mom bought me couple of stuff from UNIQLO and I really love them! <3
I'll be showing you more soon. :)

Bear Brick
We were just looking for all the cute stuff! <3
Like if we were teenagers. :)

Korean Makeup Cosmetics

This is called Slow Mailbox.
They will deliver your mail 100 days later!
It's such a sweet idea. :)

We are so much older than when we first met, but we were just like before. <3

Line Friends
Finding cute stuff and taking pictures together! :)

So much fun being silly together with my friend! <3

They also had this beautiful carousel! :)

Korean Food
We got so hungry after looking around the whole 10 story building.
So we went back to the food court.

She ordered this soup and rice and I got this fried tofu salad. So YUMMY!
And this restaurant was super friendly! ;)

We also got this Korean traditional rice wine.
I forgot what flavor but it was so good! :)

Then we walked to nearby outdoor mall called Avenue France to meet my brother.

He's my only and younger brother.
And he's really tall and good looking. :)

Here's a funny moment! ;)
My brother got an Apple Watch.
He's all grown up and a busy business man!

It was my first time seeing an Apple Watch.
I told him to try something cool with it.
So here we are taking selfies using his Apple Watch as a remote for his iPhone. :)

Then we came back home and my brother ordered this famous rice cake I've always wanted to try!
Oh in Korea, pretty much every food you want is delivered to your door super fast! 
Even late at night!

This was the hottest and the spiciest rice cake ever!
But it was so good and I wanna eat it again already!
Makes my mouth water and hungry whenever I see this picture. ;)

Korean Spicy Rice CakeAnd of course, it was extra delicious because I ate it with my brother. <3 :)

I'll be posting more Korea blog soon. (...more food too!) 

Check out my YouTube video from this day too! :)

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