5 Simple Reasons to Be HAPPY Today! :)

Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Simple Reasons to Be HAPPY Today! :)

Hello Happy Friends!
Today we are sharing 5 Simple Reasons to Be Happy Today! :)
You don't need any reasons to be happy, because you can just be happy for no reasons! :D
But if you need a little motivation to be happy today, check out our happy reasons. <3

1. Be HAPPY because Today is a New day!

On a new year's day, we all celebrate and say Happy new year.
We can do this everyday, if we can set an intention to make today a new day and Happy day!
So Happy new day to you! :)

2. Being Happy is Healthy!

When you are happy, your body release happy chemicals and they are good for your health!
We just stumbled upon this cool, easy to understand infographic yesterday and wanted to share.

Also laughing lowers blood pressure, relieve pain and decrease stress hormones which are bad for your health.

They even have laughter exercise program! :D

3. Happiness is Contagious!

Did you know that you make others happy just by being happy?!
Your happiness makes this world bright and beautiful for you and everyone!
The world needs your happy energy, because your happiness has power to heal the world! :D
It's so simple and as easy as showing your happiness by smiling! :)

Check out some of our past blog posts about smiling.

5 Simple Reasons to Be HAPPY Today! :)

4. Be Happy because Today is a Gift!

Sometimes worries from yesterdays and tomorrows can hold us back from being happy today.
That's the time we should just "Let go and be happy!" :)
By being happy today, it brings our focus to the present moment.
Just like this saying...

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a Gift.
That is why it is called the present!" <3

Gifts always make us happy right?! :D
Let's not get caught up in the history and mystery and Let's enjoy the gift of Today and be happy!

5. We are Born to be Happy

I truly believe everyone is born to be happy and deserve to live a happy life!
And I believe No one was born to be sad and to suffer in life.
Things do happen in life that makes us unhappy, but when we can choose to be stronger than our circumstances and make a choice to be ourselves and be happy today! :)

5 Simple Reasons to Be HAPPY Today! :)

Some people say you need this and that to be happy.
You don't need anything to be happy!
You certainly don't need to be all figured out to be happy. :)
Happiness is already within you in your heart. <3
Don't let anyone or anything stop you for being happy!

You have all the right to be yourself and BE HAPPY TODAY! :D

PS- It's kinda cloudy and gloomy in LA today.
Then I felt like listening to Beatles today to brighten up my day! :)
I thought this song might not be fitting for this blog post...maybe sounds a little sentimental! ;)
Yet! I think one of the best way to be happy now is just "Let it Be"! <3


What are you reasons to be happy today?! :D
Please share your happiness in the comment section below! <3

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