Life Updates and Blog Identity Crisis?! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Doggle - Goggle for Dogs :)

Hello Everyone!
It's HAPPY...


Life Updates and Blog Identity Crisis?!

It's HAPPY & HAZEL just like the name of our blog! 

HAZEL says...
Hello everyone! It's HAPPY's mommy Hazel! :)
I have been really recovering from my eating disorder past months.
It's been physically and mentally so hard and had to stay away from online and focus on my health.
I was actually 3 month free from bulimia then I relapsed in August to early September.
But now again I am free for almost a month!
Thanks to my little helper, doctor HAPPY! <3

When I started this blog in 2015, I wanted it to be about me and HAPPY and our daily life together.
But I've been hiding behind HAPPY because I was very insecure and not happy with myself.
And over the year, it completely turned into a dog blog and dog instagram. 

By becoming a dog blog and dog instagram, it actually turned out to be a blessing.
We've discoverd the world of pet blogging through BlogPaws and we had great opportunity to work with awesome companies and meet (on the internet) many amazing pet bloggers and instagrammers!
Happy got to enjoy cool products and we attended cool dog events.

But I still want to blog about me and HAPPY's life together more instead of being all about dogs.
Like these posts for example.

I thought about quitting so many times but every time I thought about quitting...
I got such sweet and caring comments from fellow bloggers.
Also we were offered new opportunities or got featured on different social media!
And even won 3 giveaways last month! What a miracle right?! <3
I've been feeling so much better and I will try to be more on the blog. :)
Even made a schedule for blogging and social media postings. :D

Keep Calm and Keep Blogging

HAPPY says...
Keep Calm, Keep Blogging and Stay Cool my friends! ;)
Or stay warm because it's getting cold now...
I feel so cold it's below 70 degrees...BOL!

We are still fundraising for Strut Your Mutt by Best Friends Society to help shelter dogs and cats!
Please consider making a little donation to raise awareness! <3

PS - Check out our first blog post ever for fun. :D
I thought it's nice to look back and see how far you came when you need a motivation. <3

For another motivation, check out this post on BlogPaws!

Also check out some amazing pet blogs on Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop by BlogPaws!

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