7 tips on How to stay Positive when everything seems negative

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hello Happy Friends!
Today we are sharing some of our tips on How to stay positive when everything seems negative. :)

1. Look back how far you came

Although we are always living in the present moment, when it's hard to focus in the now...
We can always look back how far we came and remember those hard times you made it through!

2.  Look forward to the bright future

Look forward to your brighter future and think about your big dreams for motivations and inspirations to keep yourself going!

3. Try to see everything in a big picture as your life story in a book or a movie.

There will be always ups and downs in life. 
And one day you will understand why everything happened for reasons.
Keep calm and just know that you are on your way to the next great chapter of your life.

4. Celebrate little things and reward yourself

Celebrate little baby steps you make and little things you do.
And please reward yourself for being brave and stay positive in this hard time.

5. Trust yourself

Even if you failed many times before, always give yourself another chance and trust yourself that you will make it through and everything will be ok!

6. Be thankful 

It might sound like a hard thing to do.
But be thankful for the precious lessons you can only learn from the miserable time.
It's a great time to grow your inner self and remind yourself you are only getting stronger and wiser with this experience.

7. Let go of negative thoughts and keep going with positive thoughts! :D

Positive thoughts are so much stronger and powerful than negative thoughts.
Even when the situation seems so negative, we can change it by our positive thoughts and positive actions.
Negative thoughts will only add more negativity to the negative situation. 
(So much negativity in this sentence already! LOL)
So just let go and clear all the negative thoughts and keep going with your positive thoughts!
Happy says, JUST BE HAPPY! Everything will be alright! :D

Sending you positive thoughts and so much happiness! <3

How do you stay positive when everything seems negative?! :)

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