Fresno to Sunset Strip

Monday, June 10, 2019

saddle ranch west hollywood

i went back to saddle ranch on sunset strip!
my favorite! 


that morning...
i was in fresno...
(i think this picture is not fresno but one of the train station on my way back to la...somewhere in california :) )
because i went to yosemite...that story later lol

downtown los angeles

i came back to union station...
i was sooooo i got a pretzel and ate the whole thing standing there lol

still loving seeing my name on the starbucks cup <3

aliens walk among

and psychics too ;)

los angeles hostel

found this hostel near where my hotel...
it was actually my first time at a hostel...

los angeles hostel

los angeles hostel
it was pretty cool.
it's called podshare los feliz they got different locations in la too!

welcome to la 

gotta love my yellow hoodie
i wore it almost everyday...
sadly it was cold in la T_T

los angeles kombucha

went to buy synergy trilogy kombucha at vons...
my favorite <3<3<3

and got some pineapple too...
i was super tired traveling everyday everywhere past days...

but then i still went out to see my friend!!!
i haven't seen him for like 6 years!!
he's such a great guy great friend i can't even describe <3

it's been so long but we had so much fun!!
good times with good friend!!
it was the best day ever <3

ps- the last pic we have this thing on facebook inside joke we are international secret agents...idk how it started but it kinda related to when i disappeared for 4 years...and yeah hahahaa we had fun lol

check out my new youtube video for this day!;)

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