Little Things That Made Me Happy in LA

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

beautiful day in la

It was another beautiful sunny day in LA!
Beautiful weather is always make me happy the most! <3

hollywood hotel courtyard

I posted this picture of the beautiful courtyard from Hollywood Hotel which I stayed for a week on my last post...

and my Instagram too...and Hollywood Hotel asked me if they can feature the pic! ;)
I really thought their courtyard was so LA, so California, so pretty and cute and everything! <3
I would love to have a backyard like this! I got so inspired. :)

citadel outlet palmtress

I went to Citadel Outlet to buy some stuff for my family.
I really loved flowers and palm trees and blue sky. <3

pride week rainbow

And it was right before pride week, everything was rainbow.
I love rainbow. <3

funko pop loki

Then I found this guy!!

funko pop marvel thor ragnarok loki

My favorite LOKI!!!
I'm not a Marvel fan, I just love Loki so much...
Because he's so me lol
Thor Ragnarok is my favorite movie hahaa
I saw it for the first time couple a months ago...
and I watched it like more than 5 times hahahhaa I'm gonna watch it again...:)

panda express

Then I ate Panda Express...
First time in a year? or more!
I was kinda craving this greasy salty yumminess so much! ;)
They didn't have tofu eggplant though T_T

panda express fortune cookie

And of course a fortune cookie!
...I got this...hahahaha so random, I LOVED IT made me laugh! ;)

I really love finding happiness in little things in my daily life.
I hope you have a happy day filled with so much happiness today. <3

Check out the Vlog for this day! ;)

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