Welcome to Los Angeles

Thursday, June 06, 2019

lax los angeles international airport

3 weeks ago I went back to LA :D


here's my a pic of my new cutest baby pink luggage <3

incheon international airport

i booked my flight and hotel together from expedia.com(not sponsored but plz sponsor me lol)
i've been using expedia for so many years...like my last shanghai trip and mostly all my trips hahaa


my first time taking the travel neck pillow...lol
my mom gave it to me...yes it's pink too...but it was so uncomfortable and annoying to carrying it around...so yeah never again lol

my suitcase came with this stickers...so i was putting it before checking my bag in hahaa


they had this cute pink fong character thingy at the airport duty free area ;)

pink fong

i took a picture with this character while ago at a department store...
let me find a pic of that...

pink fong

ok here it is...lol
omg i totally forgot about my badass boots hahaha
i should wear it this weekend lol


so yeah...after 11 hours...

los angeles

i was in LA omg i was so happy on the freeway going towards downtown :)

grand central market

my brother picked me up from the airport, he moved here couple of months ago...
it was his first time in grand central market

grand central market

we had eggslut ;)
it was actually my first time trying this...
it was soooooo gooood hahahaaa :D

grand central market

my brother took a pic of me ;)

and this is us lol

coconut water

i just had to! 
but first kombucha and coconut water!!! <3


then of course went to target lol

scientology church

and my motel was right next to scientology church in east hollywood lol


i was so happy and feeling so home in LA

i put my collagen sheet mask and went to sleep :)
more blog posts and videos coming soon! <3

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