july 2021

Monday, March 28, 2022

july 2021 :)

they are not sunflowers but they look like sunflowers...
maybe they are sunflowers?!

we still don't know but either way...

they are so pretty! <3

HAPPY was happy like wildflowers. :)

and I was happy with this gummy frogs. ;)

they are actually quite yummy...!

my lemon button fern almost died but started coming back from then.
now they are huge...pics next time.

my bedroom is west facing so it gets lots of sun perfect for plants. :)

more sunflower looking flowers...

they were everywhere! :D

I think HAPPY likes them too. <3

Happy kid HAPPY!

UFO! YAY! ;)

totoro time! <3

new leaf on monstera

rainy day

sunny day

i'm using the huji app on my iphone to take these pics.
and this was the only time it gave me this rainbow film effect.
(it comes with random effects)

huge new leaf unfurling <3

HAPPY loves sunbathing.
The first time I met him at the shelter he was sunbathing too! :)

HAPPY such an LA DOG! ;)
we miss California sunshine <3

HAPPY found an angel wing feather!
(i wore birkenstock all summer hehe)

see it's real angel feather! :)

we love summer.

summer is the best ;)

this flower <3

sunbathing all day everyday! ;)

HAPPY the happy boy! :)

we bought mini kabocha pumpkins.

they are so delicious.
HAPPY loved it too!

this old plant had flowers for the first time!

brick walls?

photo ops! ;)

this dog...

enjoying his life with a wireless fan lol

monstera adansonii when i first got it...

it has lost most of the leaves...
but i tried to save them, so it's still alive and it's slowly coming back to life now...

i know it's barely spring...
but i can't wait for summer...
HAPPY's gonna be happy, i'm gonna be happy and plants are gonna be happy too!:)

how about you?
whoever is reading this...
wishing you a happy spring and happy summer! <3


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