august 2021

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

august 2021
summer continued...😎

and tested out the new all natural flea collar thingy ;)

flea police lol

it actually worked perfect last summer, so we already bought another one for this summer. ;)

there ain't no bugs on me
there ain't no bugs on me

it's a song from this commercial i used to love this so much, it's the cutest commercial ever!
the song is still stuck in my head hahahaha

iced coffee is life.<3

rainbow HAPPY :)

always looking for something :)

at home he's always super chill

outside, he's always a champion. :)

i don't know why i always like to call him a champion...

maybe he was really a champion in his past life! ;)

and he still is a champion! :)
so proud of him for being such a great dog! <3

i drank a lot of cold hibiscus tea last summer.

also got these mini twix and snickers ;)

succulent arrangement...
now it' has overgrown so much i gotta repot them...
i was supposed to do some repotting right now but i repotted so many plants yesterday and my back is still hurting from it so i think i wanna do it tomorrow so i'm writing this blog post instead right now..:)

happy happy

me happy too :)

pika pika!

you belong among the wildflowers <3


meanwhile...monstera...grew like crazy during last summer!

warm summer night

so relaxing...

why so serious?!
just smile and be happy!!
said HAPPY the dog...<3

the toy is mine tho! ;)

more monstera pic lol

this was the biggest leaf i've ever had so i was super excited. :)

HAPPY couldn't care less lol!

HAPPY found a bird!

HAPPY posed like a bird lol

i made a little plant arrangement...

i thought it was cute. :)

pink petals everywhere! :)

HAPPY's getting married?!

HAPPY's like...


and more flowers he found!

HAPPY always finds the coolest stuff to show me! ;)

HAPPY got a new smaller tent, because the pink one is too big...
so now he has two tents lol!

this flower only blooms in the early morning...

i never knew about it...

they are closed in the afternoon...

just like breakfast menu lol!

i thought it was pretty cool you get to see them only in the morning. :)

next time you wake up early in the summer morning...
look for these magic flowers!<3

HAPPY with his favorite toy of all time...

KONG mini tennis ball!

he loves them so much, he's been playing with it almost everyday...

for like all his life!
i gotta keep buying them, because he loses it or it gets ripped apart.

it comes with different sizes.
and it squeaks when they chew it.
so much fun, highly recommend it! :)

blue sky, plants and crystals <3

baby fiddle leaf fig tree is so adorable! :)

someone threw away this ficus...
(i don't know the name in english, i knew but i forgot, i just googled it but i can't find it lol)

and i picked up this one too! ;)

it was such in a good condition...
i don't know why someone just threw it away...

love the color and everything!

don't throw away your plants...
give it to me! lol!

i actually ended up putting them in the water...
only one of them made it and got roots.
it's been growing very slowly and i'm hoping it to grow big this summer. :)


we got this shirts for four of them!
it was some kind of promotional event, i don't remember...

HAPPY's like...


and our favorite song for summer evenings...<3

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