september 2021

Sunday, April 03, 2022


september 2021

totally french breakfast lol with st dalfour wild blueberry spread and la conviette butter ;)

i am da comfiest dog in the whole wide world ;)

two lil monkeys ;)

i bought neon pothos,
i bought too many plants in 2021...-_-

hoya ;)

i propagated too many plants last year...
this year i put them all back together again lol 

repotting all day everyday...
i actually really enjoy repotting it's quite relaxing touching and playing with soil. ;)
i usually put on some relaxing music like tom petty or some podcasts i like and spend hours slowly repotting plants.

cute little cactus ;)

i cut it from this one.

the original one was also just a cut someone thrown away. ;)

baby aloe plants!
they are super cute<3
they got really pretty green colors in person.
the one on the left almost died this winter and came back to life!

all the mess i make ;)

also put pothos on pole then i took it out again...
and yesterday i put a new one on pole...
i don't know i keep changing my mind...that's not good for plants lol

HAPPY the explorer!

new leaf on the fiddle leaf fig :)

sleeping is the best <3

sleeping beauty HAPPY <3

september garden

and sleep some more ;)

HAPPY need some sunglasses lol

HAPPY actually had a dog sunglasses called goggles but for dogs...
so it was called doggles lol
funny name but they were really good sunglasses for dogs...
but i lost it...because we moved so many times...T_T

we got it for free from hotdogcollars years ago when HAPPY was a spokesdog for hotdogcollars. ;)

old times,,,good times<3

HAPPY sleeping with potting soil lol

my wooden postcard from grand canyon i got it 20 years ago when i went there.
some of the stuff i never lost it even i've moved at least more than 10 times in LA plus moving internationally couple of times past years.

ever since i was little, i've always loved wolves, they are like dogs but cooler...
they are the same but...cooler...:)
maybe i was an wolf in the past life...that's why i love dogs?!hehehe

but that rainbow is from my clear quartz crystal. 
so pretty!
and i got copper postcards from grand canyon too.

grand canyon was one the best place i've ever been to.
i still remember that feeling...
i felt like my heart dropped when i first looked at the canyon with my eyes.
it was the weirdest you can't breathe...
so amazing i will always remember...<3

what can i say?
i love nature!<3

when you love nature...
nature always loves you back<3

that's why HAPPY loves nature!:)

HAPPY in nature with his all natural banana shirts! ;)

going banana! ;)

fiddle leaf fig 
slow grower...

but they are so adorable<3

monsteras grow like monster though ;)

super fancy fruit gift box ;)


it was my first time trying
shine muscat grapes
they are so expensive…like what da fruit! 
but they were sooo goooood!!!
i dont like grapes but they were not like grapes…
it was like something else!
some kind of new fruit…omg was so good!:D

(btw grapes are toxic for dogs so keep your dogs away from grapes!)

where's my food?!

HAPPY the boss dog!;)

found more pretty pink flowers<3

so lovely with blue skies




spanish moss<3

repotted monstera in the pot i picked up from the neighborhood lol

looks like a expensive plant now hahhaa

HAPPY still don’t care…;)

so unnecessary size comparison 

always hungry lol

how many more pics you need human?!

where’s my food?!

HAPPY knows exactly what time is his meal time.

Like exactly at the time he comes ask for food with this face.:)
Also for his walking time too!

they looked so real HAPPY thought they were real and was shaking his tail and got all excited hahhaaa!:D

finally got this alocasia i wanted!

also this baby zz plant.
i went to this plant market open only twice a year.

i bought my plants mostly online but many of them are also from that plant market.

coffee break with my plant friends<3

HAPPY’s not jealous;)

morning meditation 

happy dog

life is good

good dog
good life

monstera again lol





kong donut;)

kong dog toys are the best!

beautiful day in the neighborhood 

won’t you be my neighbor?

sweet happy baby<3

garden guard dog;)

morning coffee 
in my pretty portmeirion sunflower mug<3

i want coffee too…

no coffee for dogs!;)

HAPPY the philosopher…


is better…

dogs lol

beautiful fall sky

string of hearts

falling asleep in fall…

the fool my favorite

one of my favorite deck!
i didn’t like this deck at first but it became my favvv<3

vicks plant

new succulents ;)

HAPPY being happy! <3

pretty flower :)

more monstera new leaf :)

can you hear my heart beat?<3

can you hear me now? ;)

too many plant pics in september lol


more new plants...?!

and succulent propagation ;)

sun dried shitake mushrooms

sleepy dog ;)

love shitake mushrooms<3


beautiful green colors<3



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