april 2022

Monday, May 30, 2022


april 2022

we've moved!
HAPPY moved how many times in his lifetime already?!

tried this Taiwanese sandwich for the first time on the moving day.
it was so good!

HAPPY was pretty exhausted from moving...-_-

but the new place is so beautiful :)
HAPPY couldn't wait to start exploring!

it was raining in the morning when we started moving that day...

but as soon as we left it stopped raining and got really sunny. :)

saying goodbye to his old neighborhood...

found this funny keychain on our walk...

pepsi man?!

azaleas blooming<3

we used to go walking by this river everyday. :)

bye bye river ;)

found a butterfly on the ground :)

these white fluffy thingy from trees...

and a dandelion too

HAPPY a thinking dog :)

always meditating ;)

flowers everywhere we go!

HAPPY got a HAPPY BOY frog shirt! ;)

tried to steal my dunkin' donuts lol

HAPPY with flowering cactus <3

selfie ;)

tarot and oracle

HAPPY the magician ;)

more dandelions

flowers make HAPPY dance! :D

kalanchoes :)

cherry blossom petals :)

every spring is so pretty with these cherry blossoms <3

HAPPY agrees ;)

meditation under flowers

namaste ;)

nice and warm and everything's so perfect<3


Hope you had a HAPPY SPRING too!<3

Nap is always a good idea! ;)

more cactus flowers<3

HAPPY loves flowers...

or not...?! ;D

tongue out tuesday?!


always hungry :p

HAPPY's garden :)

Spring is nice :)

although HAPPY loves summer more ;)

as long as it's not winter it's nice! :D

Thank you for stopping by!

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