MAY 2022, so many pics :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2022


MAY 2022
(days later i found out i wrote may 2002 on the title, then i rewrote as 2020...?!! finally fixed it to we live in the far future now!)

so many pics of so many flowers this month!

i really liked these pink flowers.
i've never seen these in my old neighborhood.

HAPPY likes it too! :)

also found geraniums!

we got one at home but they are not blossoming right now T_T

lucky bamboo and snake plant cuttings in water
and some faux sunflowers :)

avocado seed finally "hatching"?!

my brother brought some famous ice cream sandwich!
70 year traditional handmade ice cream!

it was so goooood! :D

HAPPY exploring his new territories! ;)

all nice and colorful! :)

also found a specialty dog supply shop.
we got these two!

fruitable bioactive treats with complete joint care supplements
polkadog salmon says dog biscuits ;)

it was also children's day.
so it was a children's day gift for HAPPY! :)

polkadog salmon says with made with only 3 ingredients
potato flour, brown rice, and salmon!
all natural and slowly dehydrated in boston, ma ;)

HAPPY is always careful whenever he tries something for the first time.

carefully inspecting...

and starts devouring lol

sleepy after snack ;)

flowers and rainbows <3

HAPPY got a gift!

it's RUFFWEAR harness and leash! ;)

parents' day flowers :)


flower whale!!!

checking out the new neighborhood lake park!

HAPPY riding a butterfly! :D

found a dog bakery!

HAPPY : "we must stop by!"

they gave us so many free samples!<3

got some of HAPPY's favorite treats!

walk, eat, sleep and repeat! :)

loving the view from my new room :)



best friends forever?! ;)

i like finding random things on the ground. ;)

HAPPY loves to start dancing all randomly too! ;)

checking out cool plants ;)

and pretty flowers too!<3

morning coffee time!

HAPPY's morning dance time! :D

new neighborhood new flowers!

and found more butterflies!

and an alien camp site?!

alien animals?!

well hello there! ;)

HAPPY became a morning dog in the new neighborhood! ;)

totally not sleeping just meditating ;)

these little pink flowers are my favorite!<3

more happy dance dance time!<3

and more flowers!

poor little doll T_T

sometimes HAPPY finds me random things...

like this one...

a pokemon!

let's go find more weird things!

ruffwear harness and leash pretty good so far! ;)

found so many weird looking flowers too!

so cool! :D

and we met little prince?!

it's just outside of this office building...

but it looks like a theme park! :D

so many cute characters!:D

HAPPY's not so amused lol

he'd rather be eating!


tried this boba tea...

boba teas remind me of those times, when i used to live in pasadena, me and my friends used to go to this boba place in arcadia!
it was also my first time trying boba in 2002. it was sooooooo gooood!
so whenever i see boba, i think about my friends and arcadia :)
i can't believe that was 20 years ago?!?!!

more nomnom time!


whenever i watch tv...

or on my phone...


HAPPY : "why you no look at me?!"

i can't talk to you...

before my morning coffee...-_-

kermit enjoying the new window :)

smile! :)

watch me!

don't watch
charlie and the chocolate factory lol

missing piece?!

rainy day...

the walk must go on!

beautiful flower!!!


never seen these before!

don't know the name...

but still sooooo pretty!!!

and more geraniums too! :)

new plants have arrived! :)

new plant shelf in my room!<3

the beauty and the bees :)

morning meditation

life is good! :)

on our way to find a new park!

found a big grass area! :)

and more flowers ;)

and more random stuff 

and one more!

flowers in the water!

trying different coffee shops to find the best coffee shop! ;)

the only thing is...korean coffee shops open 8am is the eareliest...
i remember in LA, starbucks and other coffee shops used to be opened at 6am or something...
there are many other 24hour places but no 24 hour coffee shops or donut shops...whyT_T!


is HAPPY hungry again?!


salted peanut caramel something cookie...
but it was not soft baked T_T
i love soft baked cookies...

but my new plants...I LOVE!
i've been wanted a maranta for a long time too!

and this philodendron painted lady!
i repotted in terracotta pot and put in on the pole!

lovely rose outside!


not my glasses...
but looks the same too!

nap in the sun...

is the...


pretty flowers on a tree :)

HAPPY's getting used to daily morning walk!

good morning popcorn looking flowers! :)

every flower is so beautiful!<3

why drive a car?

when you can fly with this! ;)

HAPPY's favorite dog toy of all time!
KONG squeakair mini tennis ball!

we repurchased this so many times!
HAPPY can't live without it! ;)

new baby avocado trees!


and this tiny little piece that fell from this cactus survived...!

so proud of you cactus!
this cactus is originally a fell off from a big cactus too that was thrown away!
keep surviving! keep on living!

right pinocchio?

watering cactus, aloes and more...!

can't stop taking pics of these beauties!<3

actually there were even more roses this morning...

i didn't take a picture!

i think i will later ;)

i hope my geraniums will bloom like this one day...! 

and hope to find out the name of this flowers too!

HAPPY's shadow side! ;)

HAPPY and roses<3

new pic for my watch
i started wearing a watch again...!

my favorite bird...

magpies are one the most common birds in korea!:) 

HAPPY's been busy exploring his new neighborhood...

so tired! :)

but we went to the big lake park again!

there were even more FLOWERS!!!

there were annual rose exhibition going on too! :D

pink roses!!!

the name these roses are compassion!<3

roses are everywhere!

HAPPY was having so much fun!

HAPPY's sending you so much LOVE&HAPPINESS!<3

it's like echo park lake! ;)
...but it's all nice and cleaner :)

black butterfly!<3

bought some american stuff ;)
healthy and unhealthy varieties...
recently i've been craving bunch of junk food lol
st john's wort i've been taking it for years, it helps with minor depression and anxiety. funny...because ranch dressing was one the first salad dressing i tasted when i first moved to the states...i lived with 

lemon eucalyptus essential oil for natural mosquito repellent for me and HAPPY!

do not separate! ;)


stranger things...!!!

season 4!!!

one of the main reason why we didn't cancel netflix...
probably the only

found a squirrel...! :)

stretching :)

they have it as a pet in the kindergarten...

korean squirrels are super tiny compared to the ones in LA!

felt sorry because it's stuck in this little thing...:(

coffee time again :)

nice nice !




it's already june ;)


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