JUNE 2022 - many pics again :)

Monday, August 01, 2022

JUNE 2022

I think June was a good month.
Because I see I took a lot of pictures.:)
And the weather was nice and sunny.
It's almost end of July right now and the weather has been..."not nice"!

This is Maranta plant.
One of my newest and my favorite.
This guy doesn't need that much sunlight and likes humidity so it's been doing ok!


Every summer HAPPY wakes me up so early...
This morning I woke up at 6:20...he's been waking me up from like 6am...and today is sunday! LOL

Then he does this...
When finally give up and wake up he goes back to sleep!!!

It happens every morning!
I'm always like just 5 minutes...just 10 minutes...please!
I don't know he's trying to check if I'm dead or not?!
But he's so weird and funny!

Rainy day mood!


I know I know I hate rain too...

But on a rainy day you can meet snails!

They are so cute!

HAPPY's like...

I don't care...-_-

nap nap time!

What is park golf?!

They play golf at this park...

And they call it park golf...?!
And they play with a giant golf ball!

HAPPY the YouTuber dog! ;)

Like and Subscribe! ;D



I'm not sleepy...

I'm in my meditative mode...;)


now that i've been drinking only decaf for 2 months...
that coffee was soooo goooood lol!
but the benefit of drinking decaf has been so amazing so i think i'm actually gonna write about it...
later...if i can remember to write it on the blog...one day...hopefully...soon!;)

it's alive!!!

HAPPY stopping and smelling the roses <3

bananas and roses ;)

see you next year roses!

shout shout shout shout at the devil ;)


You can't always get what you want...
But if you try sometime...
You'll find...
You get what you need! :)

So we found a beautiful day with so many beautiful flowers! ;)



found a nice magpie feather on our morning walk!<3

HAPPY on a time machine!

morning meditation as always!


HAPPY doesn't like when i watch tv...

watch me no watch tv no ;p

hot summer hot hot

hot happy happy!

HAPPY's smile brighter than the brightest summer sunshine<3

beautiful flowers

beautiful HAPPY!<3

my precious coconut water! :)

more pretty flowers :)

HAPPY loves flowers<3

tried this matcha green tea cream sandwich!

i like anything with green tea but i thought it's gonna be weird in a sandwich but it was actually so good!....but they just closed this sandwich shop...WHY!!! T_T

this is not real jeju island...it was just a jeju themed restaurant.
i want to take HAPPY to jeju island soon!:)

Check out these blog posts from my jeju trip in 2015!

HAPPY checking out some cool sculpture ;)

haven't had these in years!
why i love them so much why so good why!

is it because it's so freakin' cute and so lovely and heart shaped lol?

working out on a exercise bike watching this scenic bike videos on youtube!

it's so much fun and feels so real!

i used to rollerblade here in santa monica!
i never made it to malibu...
no energy lol
many i will do it next time i go!

showering plant babies ;)

philodendron brasil

begonia tiger paw



HAPPY wakes up early in summer season...

he wakes me up super early...

then he goes back to sleep...-_-

like he's checking if i'm dead or alive...

and when he realize i'm alive...he's like ok you alive i'm going back to sleep now bye lol

dance time!

dance dance!

lucky lucky

where are you four!

cute bunnies!

i want them ;)


i thought this was cute and funny ;)

it's basically a pillow for your belly lol

emart in korea is like target, i go and i want to buy everything lol

got kombucha! ;)

can i drink kombucha?! ;)

what do you mean no?! ;p

found some new flowers!

sooo pretty!


nature is so amazing<3

all flowers are beautiful<3

tried this kakao t bike for the first time...!

it was my first time riding a bike in...i don't know how many years!

i felt so awkward and weird, i was all walking on a bike, it was so hilarious, i was laughing at myself ;)
but it was super fun!

more kombucha!

HAPPY's supplement and treat!

both them i repurchased, they are really good products!

it's so funny HAPPY always knows it's for him even before i open it!

and my giant peace lily <3

i had it in the hallway in the dark corner...

but i moved it to my room...

because i felt bad it's not getting any sun lights...;)

decaf journey continues with starbucks decaf espresso roast nespresso capsules!
this one is good!

kanu decaf americano instant coffee...it's ok!

another hot day!

i'm on a boat! ;)



and more flowers<3


why you so happy!


my name is HAPPY! :D

tadpoles were getting bigger and bigger!
and some one them had legs!

monkey time!

monkey monkey!

mine mine!

my monkey!

no it's mine!

bad human! ;p

he likes sleeping on the floor when it's hot...

like this ;)

new leaf getting huge!

come on get bigger and bigger!!!

it stopped growing again...whyyyy

corner jungle ;)

this mysterious fruits outside...



idk but pretty! :)

round and round

sleepy baby happy :)

coffee sapiens...



watermelon juice ;)

let's sleep some more!


and sleeeeeeep!

looking for four leaf clover ;)

go get it go! ;)

finally watched the series finale of supernatural!

it's been so long, i watched the last episode, i forgot what happened...lol

but it's not over...because...i'm gonna watch it all over again ;)

my favorite<3

lemon eucalyptus, our natural mosquito repellent ;)

found a cool lookin moth ;)

blue and purple <3

stop taking pictures of me ;p

you like me or something?! ;)

ok then go ahead :)

how do i look?! :p

daily dancing session!

dance like nobody's watching!


got a projector...

and another chromecast because i lost the one i had when i moved...it disappeared!

carrot juice!

it's the best!

testing out the projector...


why u keep watching totoro!

meditation music ;)

beach sound

ocean in 4k lol

beach again...

rainbow connection!

movin' right along!

hey la, where've you gone?

my human is a weirdo!

nap nap nap

got a camping chair...
not that we're gonna go camping but...
it's cute and comfy ;)


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