Amazing Foods in Jeju Island, Korea - Happy #Blogmas Day 15

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hello Happy Friend!
Let me show you some amazing foods from my last trip to Jeju Island!
First pic is Peanut Ice cream from Udo Island. :)

Udo is a small island in Jeju Island.
And they are famous for peanuts.
Ice cream itself is made with peanuts and it's topped with ground peanut and whole peanuts.
It's like a peanut lover's dream.
I'll be posting more pics from Udo Island on my blog soon. :)

First stop is Rich Mango at Aewol.
It's a famous spot for Mango Shake. :)

Such a cute little place with pretty yellow and red colors under the blue sky.

Mango coconut cookie was so coconutty and delicious! :)

This was 100% Mango Shake and it was so fresh and sweet.

And the best part is it's right across from this view!

Here's my family enjoying yummy mango shakes by the beautiful ocean. :)

Do you like Green tea?
I love green tea. I drink it everyday. :)
We stopped by Osulloc Green Tea Museum.
They have a cafe with everything green tea!

This green tea ice cream was so good!
It was not too sweet but has strong green tea flavor which I love!

It was the best green tea ice cream I've ever tried! <3

Seafood time! :)
Jeju is famous for their fresh local seafood.

This place is called Soon Oak Yi Nae Myung ga.
They are known for their Mool Hwae(Sashimi in cold soup).

This is abalone in sweet and spicy cold soup.
It was really fresh and delicious. :)
Perfect for a summer lunch!

Soju is Korean rice wine.
They usually come in green bottles.
It's kinda like Sake or Vodka.
This one is called Hallasan and it's made with natural volcanic mineral water from Jeju Island.
It's really a good match with fresh seafood dishes in Jeju Island too. :)

This was abalone sashimi from Myungjin Junbok.
So fresh and delicious!
They are the most famous abalone restaurant in Jeju Island.

This one is abalone rice in stone pot.
The rice is flavored with abalone's inner parts which has umami.(deep savory flavor)

Grilled abalone is served on a hot plate.
It's grilled with butter.

They were the most delicious abalones I've ever had!

The butter enhanced the flavor of the abalones and it was grilled to perfection. <3
It's well worth an hour wait which is an usual wait time for this famous abalone spot! ;)

This place is called Shillawon.
They are famous for Black pork bbq and they were mentioned in Michellin guide.

Black pork is another local specialty in Jeju Island.

Watch my YouTube video on the bottom this post to hear them sizzle! :)

The combo menu comes with all this food with so many side dishes!
Seafood, meat, vegetables, rice and everything! ;)

And the last is Jeju Sam Da Soo natural mineral water. :)
Jeju Island is known for their clean natural environment and fresh local food.
Maybe that's why everything was so delicious in Jeju Island.

Which food would you like to try from Jeju Island?
Watch my YouTube Video for this post! :)

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