Cloudy but fun day at Huntington Dog Beach ;) - written on july 21, 2013

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Our weekend adventure continued to another dog beach at Huntington beach. 
This was my first time at the Huntington Dog Beach.
Weather was sunny all week, then today was cloudy and rainy.
It was even kinda cold, but all we had was fun!

Happy's favorite thing is showing off his speed!
He loves running and chasing with other dogs.
He runs like a little rabbit and I can never catch up to him. ;)

Dog beach area is located north of the pier, it's way bigger area than Long beach dog beach.
And water is cleaner. There's many dogs and kids, family and surfers. Perfect place for everyone!
We'll definitely come back here on a sunny day next time soon!

Happy is not scared of big dogs. He always go say hi first and try to play with big ones.
Sometimes they want to play rough and he gets intimidated but never scared! :)
He's a one little brave dog!

I was so happy to see him having fun at the beach.
So far his favorite place to go is the beach. Just like me!
Happy left his paw prints here at Huntington beach today.
We have much more places to go! :)

More info on Huntington Dog Beach

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