Our daily life these days ;) - written on July 26, 2013

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Happy took my life over. But in a very good way.
He makes me laugh everyday with so many different ways.
Whenever I use computer, he gets jealous, so when I got up for one second, he just took my spot. ;)

We go to the park often. It's beautiful weather these days. Not too hot but still sunny summer weather!
And that brings a big vampire smile to Happy.

Sometimes Happy stares at something like a meerkat. He kinda looks like one too. ;)

They have these amazing lotus flower blossoms at Echo Park Lake.
After a long renovation, this historic park of LA has become such a wonderful place.
We're so lucky to live nearby this beautiful park!

I like wearing my Toms shoes when I go for a walk. It's light and comfy, feels like wearing nothing.
It's a great dog walking shoes. ;)

Happy loves stealing my stuff. Especially, when he gets bored and I don't play with him.
He takes it and runs away so fast and I can never catch him!

And he's smart and convenient. He cause troubles but he does it in a funny way end up making me laugh instead mad. :)

Then he would throw this face at me and falls asleep next to me like a baby.

We get so bored sometimes so we take funny pictures together. ;)
Being weird together makes friends become closer.

That was just little sample of our daily life.
And of course Buddy is here too.
He's been very active these days. The other day, he wanted to come out 4 in the morning.
So I had to put him in the exercise ball and watch him til 5am.
But he's my baby. I taught Happy that Buddy is his brother. Little but Big brother. (Buddy is older!)

Whenever I spend time with my animals, I feel so happy and peaceful.
And when I take care of them, it's the best feeling ever.
Because it's LOVE <3

Anyways, Buddy says "Have a Hamstatic weekend!" :):):)

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