Thursday, April 01, 2021

snapchat filters


when we downloaded snapchat


i didn't really even use snapchat and deleted long time ago,
but Happy and i had so much fun with filters!

maybe i might install it again, just to take some funny pictures with Happy and laugh!

...to be honest, 
my life is way too boring these days...
idk...i feel so numb, just about everything!
...at the same time, i really don't wanna feel anything right now... everything feels overwhelming...i know, it's such a weird feeling!

but there's one thing...
i mean one dog...
he's name is Happy!
he makes me HAPPY everyday,
and i LOVE him so much!

ps - these two songs...
for healing numb mood!

Pink Floyd - comfortably numb
Rob Zombie - feel so numb


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