We went to a Dog Friendly Restaurant in Korea - Stereo Kitchen (written on september 6, 2017)

Friday, April 09, 2021

Hello Happy Friends!πŸ’–
We went to a Dog Friendly Restaurant in Korea named Stereo Kitchen.

Yes! They were really dog friendly and let HAPPY inside the restaurant!
We've never been to a restaurant allows dogs inside! We were so happy!😝
It's located in Jung Ja, Bundang area just south of Seoul.

They do have pretty outdoor patio sittings with grass area for dogs to play around off leash too!
But it was a hot and humid day, so we decided to stay cool inside where it's air conditioned!😊

This is a Watermelon Beer and it really did taste like watermelon!

I met my old friend first time in maybe more than 15 years!
We had so much fun talking about old times.
She just came back from Paris, France and she also lived in Quebec, Canada too.

So we decided to try Poutine which is a Canadian dish.
This one was topped with Kimchi (Korean Spicy Cabbage).

Hi, hello!
I'm adding this part in 2021.
I don't remember why I stopped writing this blog post and never posted it.
But I just found this in my draft folder and I thought I just wanna post it today!

Thank you for coming by and
Have a happy happy weekend everybody!

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