Happy Reviews Instinct Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food! Chewy.com Review!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone!
Have you ever tried RAW food?
Happy says you should! :)

Chewy.com sent us a package for a review!
We were not paid to write this blog post.
Here's our real experience and honest opinion! :)

First of all Chewy.com people were so friendly.
We really love having friendly experience online! <3

They carry pretty much everything you need for your pets!
Especially I love their huge selections of dog foods and dog treats.

Why Happy is in the Box?

Happy was wondering why too! ;)
It was his first time ever get into any kind of box, so he was kinda shy. :D

Check out the hashtag #ChewyBoxLove on Instagram!
So many dogs post their pictures with Chewy Box.
So many happy customers. :)

I only choose healthy and natural food and treats for Happy and they got so many to choose from!
Happy was so curious too! :)

We went hiking on weekend.
It was so hot!

When it's hot Happy's appetite is kinda low.

So he didn't eat that much before we left to hiking.

So I was worried about him not having enough energy to hike!

This happens time to time.
I want him to eat before we go for a long walk or hiking.
And he doesn't want to eat in the morning sometimes.

Happy's not too picky but picky sometimes. ;)

So I brought this with me!
I thought it was perfect time to take it on the go and test it out! :)

It says it's complete and balanced, wholesome raw food that can be served alone, or added to any kibble or canned food.
It looks like treats but it's a food and a meal! :)

In the middle of our hike, Happy was getting tired and hungry.
I told you Happy, please eat before we leave home. ;)

Happy got lucky because I brought this for him. <3

He just knew it was something yummy.
When it looks and sounds like a treat for dogs, he knows it's for him. 
So he got so happy! :)
I bet your dogs are so smart like that too! <3


I was quite excited too. :)
This food really sounded so good just by looking at it and reading the description!

It says Instinct Raw freeze dried is never cooked raw food that provides pure nutrition for digestive health, wholesome ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption, and nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat.

I've always heard that raw food is so good for dogs.
So I've wanted to get it for Happy!

Just like all other doggy parents, I want to give Happy only the best things for him! <3
So he can smile more and be happy! :)


They are good size to chew. Sometimes when it's too tiny Happy tends to swallow them.
But these are perfect sizes.

They are semi soft chewy texture. Which dogs loves as treats!
At the same time, you can crumble it into tiny pieces easily and mix into food.
I did that for his breakfast this morning.
And he loved it!

It says you can also re hydrate in the water and mix with food too.
So versatile and multitasking! :)

Happy fell in love with his new food!
It gave him happy energy to hike even more! :)
It was his first time trying raw food but he went for it right away with no hesitation! <3
He kinda got obsessed with it. ;)

Happy absolutely loved it!
Happy says it's very meaty and yummy.
First 3 ingredients are Lamb, Lamb Liver, Lamb Heart.
Maybe that's why?

I think it's great as a treat, food, topper or any way you want!
I'd love to take this while we're traveling or on the go.
Great boost for an appetite and energy!

I like it because it's made with natural ingredients!
If you wanted to try nutritious raw food for your dog, this is a great start.
It's also Grain-free and Gluten-free!

And most of all this face says it all. 
Happy was happy about this! :)

They have 3 different flavors!
You can click on these links to check them out!

Check out Chewy.com for more goodies! :)
Follow them on Instagram @Chewy
They often have giveaways! <3 

I took this photo from the Chewy Box. :)
You can also call them 24 hours.
They are "HAPPY" to help you. <3

What would be your dog's favorite flavor? :)

Have you tried raw food for your dogs? ;)

Have a happy happy week everyone! <3

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