To the Top of the World We Go! :)

Thursday, July 09, 2015

We were at the top of the world today! :)
Our little world in LA! <3

We usually take same easy routes.
But today we chose the route we've never been before!

It turned out to be so steep and tough!
We didn't expect this! 

We were not prepared.
We didn't have water and I had a heavy camera on me.

But we made it to the top! :)
I was so proud of us! <3

Happy was tired but happy! :)
And someone gave us water too! <3

It was quite challenging.
But also so rewarding! :)
Beautiful views and cool breeze was the best feeling ever. <3

If I knew that it was that hard, I would have never chose to go that way.
Without knowing what's ahead of us, we still went and made it to the top! :)

It was so hard. I wanted to quit so many times.

But I had a weird but a good feeling that I should keep going forward and I'm going to be happy! <3
I think it was a faith. :)

Here's a sweet song for you!
Enjoy! <3

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