These Little Things In Life Called Happiness

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Everyone!
Happy Monday!
How's it going?

This month has been quite slow here on our blog.

But Happy's been smiling everyday!
You can see his smiling action on our Instagram(@happpyhazzzel) everyday!

After I blogged everyday in June.
I was thinking about what I wanted to do with this blog.
I'm still going to make a new blog soon and I kinda want this blog to be a diary of my daily life.
I tried different style of blog posts and I felt so uncomfortable.
It didn't feel like it's my thing and I can't and I don't wanna do anything that doesn't feel like it's me.

To be honest, I haven't been going out so much for a long time.
I'll blog about this later on.
I just stay home and go walk in the park or go hiking with Happy.
So there wasn't much things to blog about.

Sometimes it gets boring doing the same.
And I didn't want to blog about boring things.
Although boring things can be beautiful things.
Happy disagree with me. :)
He's always super excited!

I forget to enjoy the little things in daily life.
I forgot it wasn't so long ago, I couldn't even go outside.

I'm getting ready to adventure some more.
Happy's been ready! :)

Meanwhile, I need to learn to appreciate what I can do now, even more!

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Although it's the same flowers from same park, I still love them and enjoy them.

Actually, they always look different whenever I go! :)

Happy also has thousand different smiles. :)

Have a beautiful week everyone! <3

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