Fall Boots in LA

Monday, November 02, 2015

Fall Boots in LA
It's fall in LA! :)
Time to wear boots! <3

It's November!
Finally getting little cooler in LA. :)
Still warm though!
That explains my shorts. ;)

We went to our usual hiking spot in Griffith Park.
And there were lots of fallen leaves. :)

They matched my boots color! <3
So Fall!

Beautiful Fall in Korea

Talking about Fall...
Here's a picture of Fall in Korea that my brother posted on his Instagram!
Yeah, we have amazing Fall in Korea. Like real Fall. <3
So colorful and beautiful! :)

Also these persimmons are from my grandma's old persimmon tree by her house!
My aunt sent it to my mom from country side!

And also these sweet potatoes are from there too! <3
My mom sent me these pictures because if I was there I would have enjoyed it so much! :)
Again, Fall in Korea is just so amazing!

Back to LA...
I was wearing my tiger eye bracelet and rose quartz bracelet. :)
I love this kind of simple beads bracelets!
Goes well with any styles!

Happy was enjoying this Fall day his way. :)

Then he started climbing a tree like a squirrel! ;)

Because he found a squirrel! :)

Yup, Happy is a dog! ;)

So focused! <3

He was wondering why he can't climb the tree like the squirrel! :D

That's a good question Happy!

It doesn't really feel like Fall in LA.
But it's okay!
You can make it feel like Fall by wearing fall boots and walking on leaves. :)

YAY! I think Happy agrees with me! <3
Happy Fall Everyone! :)

*I picked out some similar boots from Nordstrom.
Check them out! <3 - (Affiliate Links)

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