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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Natural Balance Dental Chews Review

Hello Happy Friends!
Happy's back with another awesome doggy review! :)

*Chewy.com sent us this to check it out!
We were not paid to write this review. :)

Look at Happy's face...
Dental Chew? Eww...
No thanks!
Happy already knew how most dental chews are not so yummy.
Why you no yummy?! ;p

But check this one out!
This one is from Natural Balance and Pumpkin & Chicken flavor!

And look what it does for your nice teeth! :)
Helps Reduce Plaque & Tartar, Easy to Digest, Helps Freshen Breath! <3
Yummy and awesome! :D

Seems like Happy is quite satisfied with what he heard!

Showing his nice teeth out. :)

I need one now! :)

Natural Balance Dental Chews Review
Natural Balance Dental Chews are scientifically formulated to encourage your dog's natural chewing instinct, to help support healthy teeth and gums. This delicious mix of flavors, including savory ingredients like pumpkin and papaya, makes for a great taste your dog will love!

Natural Balance Dental Chews Review
It is Grain-free formula!
Unique grooves help reduce plaque & tartar,
Formulated to support easy chewing & digestion,
Helps freshen your dog's breath and
Antioxidant nutrients to support immune function! <3
Pretty cool huh?! ;)

Now for the taste!

Our expert taster Happy is here! :)

Always so careful with new treats.

This size is small/medium.
They come in 3 different sizes! How nice! :)

Perfect size for Happy!

He can easily grab it and chew.

This size fits nicely in his mouth and reaches deep enough towards his back teeth.

It's not too hard or too soft.
It's nice and dense to clean his teeth. <3

Happy's been eating this as a daily treat!
He didn't really had doggy breath before but it seems like it does clean his teeth and make his breath fresher! :)

He started liking this dental chews over rawhide.
It's yummier and healthier! YAY! :)

Happy has his thing he has to chew rawhide at night after his dinner before he goes to sleep.
Just like like a good kid! :)
And he's been really enjoying his new dental routine. ;)

And also we would like to introduce you to this food! :)
Happy's been eating Natural Balance Synergy!
It's Ultra Premium! <3
*This was purchased by my own expense. :)

All the great benefits! :D

Chicken, Lamb and Salmon in One!
All of Happy's favorite food! :)

Complete and perfectly balanced! <3

Plus all this amazing benefits! :)

This food is made for all breeds, puppies and adults.
No more worrying about which one to choose! :)
It's a perfect size for most dogs.

Happy likes this size. :)
It might be maybe a little big for tiny puppy puppies. :)

Natural Balance Synergy Dog Food Review
Check out this healthy happy dog. <3
He's been liking this food a lot! :)
That means it tastes good, because this guy is a pretty picky eater.

Natural Balance Synergy Dog Food Review
We are almost half way with this food.
We've definitely noticed the difference on Happy's hair and energy! :)
I know it's a good food when I can really see the benefits! 

Natural Balance Dental Chews Review
We are very happy with our first Natural Balance experience!
Happy's happy smile approves it! :)

Check them out on Chewy.com <3

Natural Balance Dental Chews

Natural Balance Synergy Dog Food

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