Fashion Blogger for a Day with eShakti Review

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello. Happy Friends! :)
I was a fashion blogger for a day. ;)

eShakti custom dress

*eShakti gave me an opportunity to choose a dress to customize for a review.
I wasn't paid to write this post. :)

eShakti custom dress
eShakti is offering stylish custom apparel for sizes 0 to 36W,
 and help every woman experience the thrill of wearing fashionable clothing made just for her.

Here's the original design of the dress I chose. :)

You can just choose a size or fully customize the size with your own measurements!
You don't have to worry about being in between sizes. :)

Then you can customize the style too!
I liked the design of this dress but I like my dresses sleeveless and shorter length.
So here's what I customized for my dress.

Height : 5.5
Standard Size: S-6
Neckline : As Shown
Sleeve Type : Sleeveless
Tunic Length : Mini

Custom Dress from eShakti
Tada! :)
It came out exactly how I wanted and fit me perfect too! <3

Ever since I adopted Happy I've been wearing sweatpants or shorts 
and haven't dressed up for a long time. 
So I was kinda felling shy but quite excited. ;)
I was showing Happy how to pose like a model.

I told Happy, "Mommy used to be a model, Happy!"
Happy couldn't believe me and started jumping at me! :)
It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. :D

Here's some cool photos...
Actually my camera was at a wrong setting and it was way over exposed. ;)

It's so hard to be a fashion blogger! Hahaha!

I think I'm just gonna be a regular blogger. ;)

But my new dress was so much fun to wear!

It fits me just right so it's so comfy too.

I love it when the dress is flowy. <3

Such pretty color prints too. :)

At first, I wasn't so confident about making a fashion post.
But I still did it. 
I was like why not? Pretty dress made me feel pretty! <3
We don't need to be so perfect, right? ;)

It was so much fun to dress up and play fashion blogger for a day. :)
So let's dress up, show up and be happy! :D

Visit eShakti to get your own custom dress! <3

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